Next Issue: 10 January 2016 Malaysian Serama (Bantams) Lunar Year of the Rooster

The next issue will be the tie-in with the lunar year of the rooster. It will again feature the Bantam but this time it is Serama, a breed of Malaysian origin.

The previous Bantam issue was in 2001 where a set of stamps and 2 MS (perforated and imperforated) were issued. This was followed by a Phila Nippon ’01 Overprint.

The following are the products for 2017:

  1. Stamps of 85 sen, 95 sen and RM 1.05
  2. Miniature Sheets of RM 3.00 and RM 8.00
  3. Folder RM 6.00

The designer is Reign Associates Sdn Bhd (Mr KY Lim).

Further details and the image will be added when they are available.

Meanwhile, keep the date.