The objective of this section is to provide a guidance to the First Day Cover collectors, in particular Concordant First Day Cover collectors, on a reasonable market price. This is NOT a catalogue price nor my selling price of my items.

The Market Guidance will focus on concordant FDCs since 16 September 1963 (Formation of Malaysia).

Some of the challenges of concordant FDC collectors are:

  1. It is non-existant what are concordant cancellations for the FDCs.
  2. It is hard to obtain suitable guidance on the concordant pricing.
  3. Catalogues do not provide pricing on some issues.

Classification of FDCs:

  1. Full Concordant FDCs: The cancellation (chop/postmark/cachet) matches the name or topic of the stamp. This extends to cancellations at launch events.
  2. Limited Concordant FDCs: The cancellation matches the topic but it will not be the best match. Topics where it is for “Malaysia” in general will be Limited Concordant as it will be for the whole country. Example: National Day and Malaysia Day.
  3. Normal FDCs: These are non-concordant FDCs.

In many instances the Kuala Lumpur cancellation is Full Concordant but the market guidance price is similar to the Normal FDCs because it is really common.

Common locations are Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Pinang, Ipoh and Johor Bahru.

Using the market guidance:

  1. The prices are average known transacted prices. They are sourced from the various resellers, dealers and eBay.
  2. Variations in prices do happen and the guidance here is not the maximum nor minimum price.
  3. Collectors of specific locations (e.g. the popular Perlis collectors) do pay a premium for their desired location above the market guidance.

Adjust the pricing by taking these into account:

Add a Premium for:

  1. Military Mail with Military Mail markings
  2. Mobile Post Offices / Travelling Post Offices / Pos Bergerak
  3. Handstamped slogan cachets
  4. Exhibition cachets
  5. Conference cachets
  6. Complimentary FDCs
  7. Clean unaddressed covers
  8. FDCs of dignitaries
  9. Autographed FDCs

Reduce for:

  1. Heavy toning on cover
  2. Tears and letter opener cuts
  3. Missing leaflet (unless that issue does not have a leaflet)

As this is the inaugural release of the First Day Cover market guidance, there will be typing errors, pricing mismatch and so on. Your comments and feedback will enable the guidance to become more realistic.

Please note that this is a voluntary free service to readers of myfdc. Do use this section at your own judgement when you decide on a transaction. The market is a free place where you can decide on the price you are willing to transact.

1963 – 1970

1971 – 1980

1981 – 1990

1991 – 2000

2001 – 2010 (in progress)

More updates when I have the free time.