The National Iconic Marine Life Definitive was first released as philatelic sheetlets of 10s on 18 June 2020.

The first counter sheets of 100s first made their appearance on 23 June 2020. Many post offices received their stocks around that time but was requested to deplete the philatelic sheets of 10s before selling the counter sheets of 100s. In addition, some post offices reported that there was no stock code to sell the item as all items sold need to be keyed into the online system.

Note: As Pos Malaysia do not provide release dates, the release dates are the estimated time frame when the stamp was seen on sale. The reprints could have been available as early as a month before the recorded date.

Here are additional information on the various reprints:

RM 1.30

RM 1.40

RM 1.50

RM 1.70

RM 1.90