23 June 2020: Earliest known date of sale for Iconic Marine Life counter sheets of 100s

It was a bit of a news in the Iconic Marine Life National Definitive issue. The counter sheets of 100s were seen in various parts of the the Klang Valley and as far north as Ipoh. However, many post offices were unable to sell the item.

Here are some information:

  1. Printer: Security Printers Malaysia
  2. Watermark: SPM
  3. 100 pieces per sheet
  4. No markings at the base of the sheet
  5. Pos Malaysia Logo at the top (single stamp)
  6. Reprint markings:
    • RM 1.30: 1/2020 reprint marking
    • RM 1.40: No reprint marking
    • RM 1.50: No reprint marking
    • RM 1.70: 1/2020 reprint marking
    • RM 1.90: 1/2020 reprint marking

It seems the stocks arrived yesterday and was put on sale today where it was possible.

Keep your eyes out for these. Thus far the GPOs have not seen a release of the Iconic Marine Life definitive.



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