A Mystery for a Sunday Morning – 2018 Pos Daftar Registered Mail Label Track-On 8?

Recall that the first appearance of the Track-On 8 label was in Ipoh on sale on 02 March 2020, reported by Mr KK Khor.  https://myfdc.me/2020/03/05/track-on-8-new-label-is-released/

This label was printed with DEC 2019.

Since then the Track-On 8 was seen in the Klang Valley by middle of March 2020: https://myfdc.me/2020/03/05/track-on-8-new-label-is-released/

This label was printed with 2020.

The mystery was brought up by a reader, Mr KH Ng,  that eziemall.com has the Track-On 8 label printed with DEC 2018!


Here is a screenshot.

The mystery…. was it the intention to release the Track-On 8 in 2018? Was it an initial design?

The description of the item was: “Secured product with tracking features and proof of delivery for sending item within Malaysia. The recipient is required to sign a delivery receipt upon receiving the item. The price of label include postage of 20gm item. The subsequently additional postage is based on  the actual weight up to 2kg.” with an additional FAQ link.

What are your thoughts on this? Has anyone bought Track-On 8 from eziemall.com? Does Track-On 8 exist with DEC 2018?

I suppose even during Movement Order Control, philately can still be interesting. Many thanks for reader’s information and contribution. Let’s share around. Even if it is just for the fun of it.

Let’s chat over Sunday morning kopi / teh tarik!


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