Updated: 18 July 2019: 150 Years Sarawak Stamps

Updated: 18 July 2019: 150 Years Sarawak Stamps

Today’s response in Kuala Lumpur were just the regular 12 persons in the morning. Seems to be dwindling. The main action is in Kuching.

Here is the opening in Kuala Lumpur:

Mr Gan Soon Bing from World Communications Network Resources came very early to autograph.

The queue was very light and over by about 10:00 am. There was no brochure this time. The back of the envelope is printed with the description normally found on the brochure. Could this be a new trend or just for this issue?

Meanwhile in Kuching, a PSKS member produced his own envelopes for the exhibition. Photo courtesy and copyright by KH Chung.

The exhibition in St Thomas School was packed. At the time of this article, the photos have not come is as the priority is to make the cover with the limit time available.

3 cancellations were available in the school:

  1. Kuching first day cancellation
  2. Pameran Filateli, 18 – 19.07.2019, SMK St Thomas, Kuching, Sarawak (Philatelic Exhibition, 18 – 19.07.2019 cancellation, St Thomas School, Kuching Sarawak) cachet
  3. SMK St Thomas, Kuching, Sarawak school cancellation (this is not a postmark, it is by the school)

This is a great idea to have all the cancellations and cachet in one place rather than having the collectors run back to the Kuching General Post Office.

Meanwhile…… time to head over to Kuching….

Since we have a concordanist on the ground in Sarawak, I decided to make a Limited Concordant MS FDC in Kuala Lumpur! I finally reached Kuching, KL! Guess where is this place?

There is a fresh Keluaran Hari Pertama cancellation (looks brand new!). Thus the random number picked yesterday night will receive this Limited Concordant MS FDC complete with Kuching!, Philatelic Bureau Kuala Lumpur pictorial cancellation and autographed by the designer, Mr Gan.

How was your area? It would be fun for our friends in Sarawak to share their news of what happened in Sarawak. Hope to hear from you!

One other thing, for our readers in Sarawak, I know this is meaningful for you to have a complete collection. I have a limited number of spare posters (mint, no autograph, folded in half) for FREE, you will need to pay postage and packing for normal mail at your own risk if you are interested. Optional is registered mail. No COD, if COD RM 25.00 for one poster (toll, petrol and time more expensive).

Just “Leave a Comment” below and I will get in touch with you when I am free. Priority for Sarawak readers with Sarawak addresses.


And the lucky Winner is…..

And the lucky Winner is…..

The 700,000 views giveaway ended at 10:25 pm with 31 participants. A randomly picked Random Number Generator was used between 1 to 31 and the result is:

Do message me at sky52200myfdc@gmail.com to give me your address.

Do not forget tomorrow’s Miniature Sheet issue!


Crossed 700,000 views and a giveaway!

Crossed 700,000 views and a giveaway!

Oh, dear, I overlooked the view count. I know myfdc was reaching 700,000 views and today when I checked it has crossed 702,000 views!

When myfdc first started out it was just to catalogue down the concordant FDCs of Malaysia. I have slowly added sections on Exhibition Covers, Commemoratives, Flight Covers and so on. There is also a section or specialised Articles on topics that appeal to certain specialised collectors. There is even a section on “Errors” though I have not had time to update it for quite some time.

I have put tags for the following thematic collectors: Birds, Unusual, Insects, Pitcher Plant, Trains, Animals, World Post Day, Joint Issue and so on. I have noticed the bird and pitcher plant collectors are much more active.

I have added an option to help non-Malaysian collectors buy the new issues (or back issue) via sky52200myfdc@gmail.com

If you have any further ideas for improvement, just drop me a note. I do look into them and all it takes is a bit of time, patience and will to start.

What is coming up? I am building a Malaysia First Day Cover Market Guidance. I went out to check out the pricing at the last PSM Stamp Fair and it came quite close. It will take time to build this section and I hope this will help the FDC collectors.

Back to our little fun. It is always fun to have a small celebration and giveaway. Since it has been a very busy month on philately, I will keep it simple. I do not have time to put up a really nice quiz.

Here is what I will do: I will mail out a MS FDC of the 150 Years Sarawak Stamps on 18 July 2019. If I happen to be busy on that day ad could not go to the GPO, I will send the next issue’s FDC.

Anyway, here is how I will select the lucky person. I sort of noticed a Facebook stamp group that gives away random stuff using a random number generator. So here is how it goes:

  1. This is open for anyone anywhere in the world.
  2. Put a number in sequence in the Comment below.
  3. First person, put 1, followed by the second person 2, and third person 3… and so on.
  4. One person can put one number.
  5. Multiple entry by the same person will be disqualified.
  6. In case there is a person who cannot count and put the same numbers (perhaps both were typing at the same time…. unlikely on a blog), the first person who put the number will be valid.
  7. If a number is skipped by a mathematically challenged person, just continue with the next number our champion number counter put.
  8. Continue the number sequence.
  9. On 17 July 2019 night, when I am free, I will run a random number generator and pick a lucky number.
  10. I will contact the lucky pick to get your address. Please do not put your address in your comment. Just a number.
  11. If you do not respond, I will contact the second person and so on.

No need to chase me, it is a giveaway, so chill out.

Simple right?

Oooo, yes, where to post your number? Below this posting and NOT on myfdc Malaysia FB nor anywhere else.

Many thanks for reading myfdc!

Good luck!


16 July 2019: Media Preview on 150 Years Sarawak Stamps

16 July 2019: Media Preview on 150 Years Sarawak Stamps

Today was the media preview on the 150 Years Sarawak Stamps. The media preview was held in James Wong Kim Min Hall, SMK St Thomas, Kuching. Here is Mr Haidan (Head of the Philatelic Bureau) and Dr Ong Liap Teck (President of Philatelic Society of Kuching, Sarawak) during the launch. Copyright notice: The rights to the photo belongs to PSKS member who shared it for our common reading.

Here are the products:

The display in Kuching showed the concordant cancellation of Kuching!

Guess what… SODA members will get Kuching! Copyright for these photos also belong to PSKS member who shared the image.

The quantities are:

  1. RM 5 MS: 22,000 pieces
  2. Blank envelope: 15,000 pieces

The MS is 80 mm x 80 mm. The stamp has a special effect of a gold ink printing. This should be good news for the special effect collectors.

The designer is from World Communications Network Resources and have been invited to the Philatelic Bureau HQ in Kuala Lumpur GPO to have an autograph session.

Thank you for the patience in waiting for the details.

For foreign collectors, if you are interested to order: sky52200myfdc@gmail.com payment via PayPal.


Next Issue: 18 July 2019 150 Years Sarawak Stamps

Next Issue: 18 July 2019 150 Years Sarawak Stamps

Sarawak’s first stamp was issued on 01 March 1869. The single “3 cents” stamp featured a potrait of Sir James Brooke whom had already passed away on 11 June 1868.

The corners of the stanp featured the initials JBRS. Can anyone figure out what does that stand for? Share your answers at the “Comments” below.

This year, Pos Malaysia prepared a single RM 5.00 Miniature Sheet with the image of the first postage stamp of Sarawak. There will be a special printing ink.

The rest of the MS featured the collage of images from the various issues from Brooke through Queen Elizabeth II, Formation of Malaysia until 2017 Sarawak definitive MS.

The envelope bears the image of the Kuching General Post Office.

As official image and details have yet to be released by Pos Malaysia, it is difficult for collectors to plan ahead especially those who would like to fly in and join the activities in Kuching, Sarawak. Here are some information obtained from friends.

On 16 July 2019, St Thomas School (SMK St Thomas), Philatelic Society of Kuching, Sarawak and Pos Malaysia are planning a media preview at James Wong Kim Min Hall at about 09:30 am.

The MS is planned to be issued on 18 July 2019.

A philatelic exhibition is planned on 18 – 19 July 2019 at the St Thomas School’s James Wong Kim Min Hall from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm by the school’s Stamp and Philatelic Club and the Philatelic Society of Kuching, Sarawak. As I understand from various kind friends in Sarawak, there will be special cancellation in the school.

If anyone has further details, feel free to share.

Did you know that St Thomas School was featured on the Premier Schools stamp issue back in 2008? Check it out: https://myfdc.me/malaysia-first-day-covers/2001-2010/2008-2/

Thus, the most concordant cancellation is in ……… (give it a try by commenting below).


Philatelic Society Malaysia (PSM) Second Stamp Fair 2019 (06 – 07 July 2019)

Philatelic Society Malaysia (PSM) Second Stamp Fair 2019 (06 – 07 July 2019)

This seems to be a busy philatelic week which started with the launch of the Batang Kali Post Office, the first flight from Malaysia to Sharjah (for first flight cover collectors) to the launch of the “Marvel 80 Years” folder set.

This weekend, we can relax and catch up at the Philatelic Society Malaysia (PSM) Stamp Fair in the Petaling Jaya Community Library hall. The published time is from 09:30 am to 05:30 pm. Usually the dealers are in just after 09:30 am.

There are always lots of bargains, just keep a look out.

Location: http://www.mbpjlibrary.gov.my/web/guest/location

Look out for the Pos Malaysia booth which is always an attraction as there are occasionally good old items brought out for sale!

See you there!

Happy Weekend!


07 May 2019 Latest updated Malaysia Stamp Issue Programme Schedule

07 May 2019 Latest updated Malaysia Stamp Issue Programme Schedule

Here is the latest Malaysia Stamp Issue Programme Schedule dated 07 May 2019. Do remember to update your calendar. Information is always confirmed nearer the date of issue.

Relax and just open a SODA account. Most collectors are non-concordanist, thus there is very little planning required other than to know when to show up if you prefer to do your own, OR open a Standing Order Deposit Account (SODA) which is an easier way not to miss a single issue.