This is a follow-up article to the first highly popular unusual and special effect stamps and Miniature Sheet article issued in 2018.  The article is written by Genevieve V. A. Gee and Dr Indraneil Das and all rights belong to them.

The article presents the types of special effect since 24 April 2018 until 01 December 2021. It was published in the Journal of the Philatelic Society of Kuching, Sarawak, December 2021, (Volume 13, No 2).

Since the original publication, the current series have expanded into Special Effect Pre-Stamped Envelopes and Special Effect official Cinderellas and Personalised Stamps (SetemKu) which were issued and sold to the public. Thus the article is extremely comprehensive.

202112 Gee and Das Unusual Special Effect Stamps and Ms of Malaysia The Journal of the Philatelic Society of Kuching Sarawak December 2021 Volume 13 No 2 Addenda to November 2021