And the lucky Winner is…..

And the lucky Winner is…..

The 700,000 views giveaway ended at 10:25 pm with 31 participants. A randomly picked Random Number Generator was used between 1 to 31 and the result is:

Do message me at to give me your address.

Do not forget tomorrow’s Miniature Sheet issue!


Crossed 700,000 views and a giveaway!

Crossed 700,000 views and a giveaway!

Oh, dear, I overlooked the view count. I know myfdc was reaching 700,000 views and today when I checked it has crossed 702,000 views!

When myfdc first started out it was just to catalogue down the concordant FDCs of Malaysia. I have slowly added sections on Exhibition Covers, Commemoratives, Flight Covers and so on. There is also a section or specialised Articles on topics that appeal to certain specialised collectors. There is even a section on “Errors” though I have not had time to update it for quite some time.

I have put tags for the following thematic collectors: Birds, Unusual, Insects, Pitcher Plant, Trains, Animals, World Post Day, Joint Issue and so on. I have noticed the bird and pitcher plant collectors are much more active.

I have added an option to help non-Malaysian collectors buy the new issues (or back issue) via

If you have any further ideas for improvement, just drop me a note. I do look into them and all it takes is a bit of time, patience and will to start.

What is coming up? I am building a Malaysia First Day Cover Market Guidance. I went out to check out the pricing at the last PSM Stamp Fair and it came quite close. It will take time to build this section and I hope this will help the FDC collectors.

Back to our little fun. It is always fun to have a small celebration and giveaway. Since it has been a very busy month on philately, I will keep it simple. I do not have time to put up a really nice quiz.

Here is what I will do: I will mail out a MS FDC of the 150 Years Sarawak Stamps on 18 July 2019. If I happen to be busy on that day ad could not go to the GPO, I will send the next issue’s FDC.

Anyway, here is how I will select the lucky person. I sort of noticed a Facebook stamp group that gives away random stuff using a random number generator. So here is how it goes:

  1. This is open for anyone anywhere in the world.
  2. Put a number in sequence in the Comment below.
  3. First person, put 1, followed by the second person 2, and third person 3… and so on.
  4. One person can put one number.
  5. Multiple entry by the same person will be disqualified.
  6. In case there is a person who cannot count and put the same numbers (perhaps both were typing at the same time…. unlikely on a blog), the first person who put the number will be valid.
  7. If a number is skipped by a mathematically challenged person, just continue with the next number our champion number counter put.
  8. Continue the number sequence.
  9. On 17 July 2019 night, when I am free, I will run a random number generator and pick a lucky number.
  10. I will contact the lucky pick to get your address. Please do not put your address in your comment. Just a number.
  11. If you do not respond, I will contact the second person and so on.

No need to chase me, it is a giveaway, so chill out.

Simple right?

Oooo, yes, where to post your number? Below this posting and NOT on myfdc Malaysia FB nor anywhere else.

Many thanks for reading myfdc!

Good luck!


26 July 2019: Last Day of Operation of Damanasara Jaya Post Office

26 July 2019: Last Day of Operation of Damanasara Jaya Post Office

Many thanks to Eric Ng for the information and photo of the notice of the relocation of the Damansara Jaya Post Office to the Atria Post Office.

The last day of operation of the Damansara Jaya Post office is on 26 July 2019. The first day of operation for the Atria Post Office is on 29 July 2019.

The trend has been to move post offices to the shopping centres.

Here were some of the older announcements:

Update your diary if you want to send the last mails from Damansara Jaya Post Office and the first mails from Atria Post Office.


Philatelic Society Malaysia (PSM) Second Stamp Fair 2019 (06 – 07 July 2019)

Philatelic Society Malaysia (PSM) Second Stamp Fair 2019 (06 – 07 July 2019)

This seems to be a busy philatelic week which started with the launch of the Batang Kali Post Office, the first flight from Malaysia to Sharjah (for first flight cover collectors) to the launch of the “Marvel 80 Years” folder set.

This weekend, we can relax and catch up at the Philatelic Society Malaysia (PSM) Stamp Fair in the Petaling Jaya Community Library hall. The published time is from 09:30 am to 05:30 pm. Usually the dealers are in just after 09:30 am.

There are always lots of bargains, just keep a look out.


Look out for the Pos Malaysia booth which is always an attraction as there are occasionally good old items brought out for sale!

See you there!

Happy Weekend!


Your Thoughts and Feedback on Price List of Concordant FDCs and Normal FDCs

Your Thoughts and Feedback on Price List of Concordant FDCs and Normal FDCs

I would like to get your thoughts on feedback on publishing (FREE and Online) the price list of Malaysia First Day Cover covering both Concordant and normal cancellations.

As you know, myfdc is tailored to concordant FDCs, i.e. First Day Covers with cancellations matching the theme or name. The other common FDCs are non-concordant.

Here is the overall idea:

  1. It will be FREE!
  2. It is an online list of FDCs issued by Pos Malaysia.
  3. It will cover only official envelopes issued by the postal authority. At this moment, the private covers are very subjective to attach a price. Maybe someday.
  4. Information includes: Date – Title – Reasonable Market Price for *Full Concordant – **Limited Concordant – ***Normal
  5. Market Price will be based on a good condition – minimal toning – no tears – unaddressed (those after 1980)
  6. Updates will be provided as and when I am free to do so.
  7. The scope will NOT cover mint stamps, MS, special sheets, postal stationery, presentation packs and folders.

*Full concordant is that all the stamps and MS are concordantly cancelled. It could be in more than 1 envelope.

**Limited Concordant is the cancellation matches one of the stamps / MS.

***Normal – Non-concordant – any cancellation on the FDC.

This will enable a quick access to check online in your mobile phone at any time.

Timeframe: Whenever I am free, I will type out a year.

I will not be able to take photos of the non-concordant covers as these are not what I collect, nor are they worth the time. They are pretty common.

Use of the price will be at your own responsibility whether you are a buyer or seller. The actual condition and clarity of the postmark is a major factor.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?