In this page I hope to share some known errors (stamp, human, cancels, etc.), mistakes, amendments and unissued issues. I have also included issues that suddenly become scarce due to “administrative errors”. You will start to find that the modern Malaysian Philately is quite exciting with occasional “errors”. Some are corrected, whilst some will just remain a mystery. I have also included some pre-independence errors and unissued stamps, however these are not complete and I am not much into this period.

I have not included varieties and watermark differences. Excluded are also the odd imperforate or semi-imperforate error that comes out every once in a while. It is not possible to record all of these.

This is a site that shows some very odd unissued stamps from the Commonwealth countries before independence from the British. Pretty interesting stories. (I have not been able to verify the stories nor the unissued.)

Just right click to see a larger image of some of the pictures on “myfdc”. Where I do not have the right to the images, I have opted not to put an image. I invite interested philatelists to share their knowledge on this topic. I am trying to share the harder to find information so that more philatelists are able to obtain the information rather than the elite few who use the information for profit. I encourage you to share as well. Stamp collecting should be a hobby and should rightly remain so.

So, I hope this will add some excitement to your stamp collecting. Happy hunting! I do appreciate an acknowledgement if you use any of the images on this site. I have purposely not used watermarks that spoils the picture. However of late I have found my images in other sites. I do appreciate an acknowledgement. It is a lot of work putting all these together. Enjoy!

1899:  Sarawak Sir Charles Brooke 5c (prepared for use but unissued)

This is an easy to obtain unissued stamp.


28 September 1904: Old spelling of Kuala Lumpur

I really do not know where to place this. I am sure others might have come across this, I will just feature it here. I came across this cancellation (unfortunately torn out from the original envelope) where the postmark for Kuala Lumpur was spelt as Kwala Lumpur. After checking extensively, I found out that at that period Kuala was actually spelt as Kwala, so it was not an error. Maybe a linguistic oddity. Anyone with information to share? IMG_5797

1918: Sarawak Sir Charles Vyner Brooke 1c slate-blue and slate (prepare for use but unissued)

I do not have the image.

1922: Straits Settlements King George V 3c brown and 8c carmine (prepared for use but unissued)

I do not have the images of both stamps.

1928: Sarawak Sir Charles Vyner Brooke RED CROSS 3 cents overprint on the 1918 1c (prepared for use but unissued)

I do not have the image.

The following stamps prepared for use in the World War II period were not surprisingly unissued.

1940: Straits Settlement King George VI 8c (prepared for use but unissued)

This stamp is still readily available in the market.


1940: Selangor Sultan Hisamud-Din Alam Shah 8c scarlet (prepare for use but unissued)

I do not have the image for this stamp.

1941: Selangor Sultan Hisamud-Din Alam Shah $5 (prepared for use but unissued)

This stamp is pretty expensive.


1941: Negeri Sembilan Crest 8c Scarlet (prepared for use but unissued)

I do not have the image for this stamp.

1941: Trengganu Sultan Suleiman of the following values (prepared for use but unissued)

2c yellow orange 3c blue green 6c grey 8c rose 15c ultramarine $1 black and red/blue I do not have any of the above images.

1941: Pahang Sultan Sir Abu Bakar 2c and 6c (prepared for use but unissued)

Both unissued stamps are easy to obtain.


Currently I am not covering any Japanese Occupation unissued as it is quite a lot and pretty hard for me to catalogue down properly. I am also not collecting the stamps from this period.

1945: BMA Malaya Straits Settlements King George VI 8c grey (prepared for use but unissued)

Here is an image from Edmund Ewe, a collector of unissued, errors and printing variations.

08 June 1946: Malayan Union (prepared for use but unissued)

Since the idea of Malayan Union was opposed, the stamp issue was also scrapped. However the stamps which were supposed to be destroyed made its way into the market. The stamp is part of an omnibus issue to celebrate peace and victory after the Second World War.

Malayan Union

03 June 1953: Coronation of HRH Queen Elizabeth II (North Borneo and Sarawak)

This is NOT an error. The date of issue for North Borneo and Sarawak was on 03 June 1953 as 02 June 1953 was a Public Holiday! However most of the envelopes still have the 02 June 1953 dates printed. Many collectors are unaware that the date 03 June 1953 is the correct date of issue for North Borneo and Sarawak.


21 November 1955: Diamond Jubilee of HH Sir Ibrahim Sultan of Johore

The original date of issue was 17 September 1955. This was changed to 21 November 1955. The most common private envelope was re-issued with the actual date. Here is the comparison.



12 September 1959: Inauguration of Parliament

The original envelope has the date of the inauguration of the Parliament on 16 September 1959 (pretty ironic considering that exactly 4 years from that date, Malaysia will be formed!) blacked out by a black bar. The blacked out envelopes are pretty common. The reissued envelope does not have a date.


26 November 1959: 25th Anniversary of Ascension Negeri Sembilan (prepared for use but unissued)

The Silver Jubilee was on 03 August 1958. However the stamps were supposed to be issued on 26 November 1959 (some claim 27 November 1959 – I am unable to verify). The issue was withdrawn and subsequently cancelled.

19580803 Negri Sembilan

01 September 1960: Installation of DYMM Yang Di-Pertuan Agong (prepared for use but unissued)

Due to the passing of DYMM Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, the stamp issue was cancelled. I want to thank a reader Daeng Hafez for the image of this very rare stamp.

Unissued Pertabalan 1960

16 September 1963: Formation of Malaysia

The original date for the formation of Malaysia was originally 01 June 1963. However this was postponed to 31 August 1963 in order to align with Merdeka Day. However due to objections from neighbouring countries, the date is postponed again to 16 September 1963. Thus the official cover has a sticker “Berjaya Malaysia” applied onto the printed date of 31 August 1963.


This is the original printing hidden by the sticker.


15 November 1965: Singapore State Definitive Series

This issue was never released as Singapore separated from Malaysia from 09 August 1965. This copy was from an exhibit in the Singapore World Stamp Exhibition 2015. Copyright of the image belongs to the exhibitor. Please contact me to include the credits.

1965 Singapore Unissued Definitive

31 August 1973: 10 Years of Malaysia

The error is in the commemorative date. Malaysia was formed 10 years ago on 16 September 1963. They must have used the wrong records (the original dates that was postponed) or it was just to celebrate Merdeka (Independence) Day!


01 February 1974: Establishment of the Federal Territory

This FDC was cancelled in Kuala Lumpur. However there is an error in the cancellation. When Kuala Lumpur was declared as a Federal Territory, it is no longer part of Selangor. However, a cancellation stating “Selangor” was used. This cover is rare.


08 May 1975: Installation of DYMM the Sultan of Pahang

There were 2 different font sizes for the Pekan cancellation.

19750508 2 types of Pekan fonts

07 December 1978: Shah Alam New Township

The Shah Alam cancellation was still using the “English” spelling of DEC, whereas the Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam cancellation was using the “Malaysian” spelling of DIS.

19781207 English and Malay December

22 January 1983: Launch of LNG Export from Bintulu (prepared for use but unissued)

A private collector shared a set of stamps which is believed to be an unissued set. I would like to hear from anyone with additional information. Copyright of this image belongs to LL and reproductions on any other media will require the person’s consent.

Launching of LNG Export Bintulu Sarawak

14 September 1985: Opening of Penang Bridge

Did you know that there were 2 versions of the leaflet being issued? In those days, you can buy blank envelopes before the day of issue. The demand for the stamp issue was very high especially in Penang (well I guess not surprising). The first print of the envelopes and leaflets were sold out almost immediately! The opening date was supposed to be 15 September 1985. Suddenly the opening date was moved forward to 14 September 1985! A new batch of envelopes and leaflets were issued quickly. The top picture is the first print and the bottom is the second print.


The above original print was issued in Kuala Lumpur and the post office had time to amend the dates. Apparently the envelopes and leaflets were not “sold out” unlike in Penang. So the next time you come across the Penang Bridge FDC, have a look at the leaflet. If the date is later than the day of issue, it is the first print! There is no noticeable difference in the envelope nor the details in the leaflet. The original leaflets are common throughout Malaysia. The second print leaflets are easier to find in Penang than outside of Penang – probably due to the supply of the second print being diverted to Penang to meet the high demand.

There are suspected forgeries of the circular cancellations with the “SEP” spelt as “SEPT” for “PERAI” and “UNIVERSITI SAINS MALAYSIA” cancellations.

19850914 Penang Bridge Different Cancellations

1986: National Fruits Series Mangosteen (prepared for use but unissued – colour trial)

I do not have any information on the proposed release date or why this was not issued. Johnson shared his insights to this issue. It was a colour trial in a small pane. Anyone else with information that you wish to share? I will be delighted to update the information.


26 October 1987: Decade of Transportation and Communication for Asia and Pacific

The Kuala Lumpur cancellation has a closed loop between the date and the words, whereas the other locations have a large gap between the date and the words.

19871026 Difference between KL and other bureaus

01 March 1993: 60 Years of the Army

The description at the back of the souvenir cover contains an error where the date of formation should have been 01 March 1933 (not 1993!). The cover was recalled due to this error.



24 April 1993: 16th Asia-Pacific Dental Congress

The RM 1 stamp contains an error in the flag representing Chinese Taipei (Taiwan). The flag of the People’s Republic of China was printed instead! This was however not corrected.


04 September 1993: World Corporate Games

The dates stated on the back of the Prestamped Envelope (PSE) were different between the Bahasa Malaysia and English.


01 October 1993: Bangkok 1993 Overprint

This is the first overprint on a Malaysia stamp. The overprint is rare as it was not announced and apparently the quantities available for sale in the Philatelic Bureau in Kuala Lumpur was quite low. Here is a rare Exhibition Card with both the overprint stamps and original stamps cancelled with the exhibition cachet.


16 August 1994: The North – South Expressway overprinted with PHILAKOREA ’94 (prepared for use but unissued)

This is another unissued stamp. As the opening of the North – South Expressway was postponed after PHILAKOREA ’94, the stamps were withdrawn. Some say a sheet managed to get out to the market.


10 November 1994: The Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial

Did you know that the Malaysia flag has the wrong design? Look at the red and white stripes. The stripe just below the blue corner should be red! However the design shows a white stripe!


10 April 1995: The Marine Paradise of Malaysia (unreleased full sheet)

This issue comes in a booklet format. It is also Malaysia’s first special issue stamp booklet. However full sheets were found in the market a few months later. The full sheets were not released to the public. I am not sure if we are to classify these as unissued or unreleased. I prefer the term unreleased. The sheets are still circulating around and is hard to sell due to the hefty asking price. I have come across the sheets in Penang and Kuala Lumpur before. Since I do not have the sheets and I did not take a photo of the sheets, I am unable to post the picture. However it comes in sheets of 100 pieces of stamps.


There are also errors in the way the stamps are stuck onto the booklets (various positions). I will not catalogue these.

07 October 1996: The 14th Conference of the Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants

The spelling of Pacific is wrongly printed as Paclfic. This is a common error on all 30 sen and RM 1 stamps.


In addition, the size of the cancellation in the Standing Order Deposit Account (SODA) is smaller than the counter cancellation. Here is a comparison of the actual cancellations. The top is the SODA cancellation. The bottom is the counter cancellation.

11 April 1998: Currency Heritage

Apparently the size of the first day cancellation made for the counter cancels was smaller than those used for SODA. Here is the side by side comparison (SODA (larger) on the right of the picture and counter (smaller) on the left of the picture). Look out for it the next time you browse Malaysian FDCs.


29 November 1999: Stamp Week ’99 Heliconia and Its Botanical Relatives

This cover was cancelled with inkjet printing (fake cancellations).

01 February 2001: Putrajaya Federal Territory

Here is a fake cover with a modified smaller cancellation without the word Biro Filateli.

20010201 Putrajaya fake cancellation Putrajaya

Here is the comparison between the fake cancellation (left) and the actual cancellation (right).

20010201 comparison of Putrajaya issue cancellations

11 June 2001: Cultural Instrument and Artefact

An uncut sheet was inadvertently released for sale in a branch Philatelic Bureau. This is how it looks like. Very few uncut sheets are known in the market.


This is the normal sheet.


27 September 2001: FDI World Dental Congress 2001

The top cancellation is a forgery with Kuala Lumpur on 2 lines (top) whereas the actual Pos Malaysia cancellation has the word Kuala Lumpur on a single line (bottom). The forgery has an additional spelling error in the word “KOKGRES”. The correct spelling is “KONGRES”.

20010927 Kuala Lumpur variety cancellation on FDI World Dental Congress 2001

27 June 2002: Tropical Birds (Malaysia – Singapore Joint Issue)

This Malaysia Joint FDC was cancelled with the Kuala Lumpur and Singapore cancellations. It was a special order product. Did you notice that the way the stamps were arranged the Singapore cancellation also cancelled the Malaysia stamps and the Kuala Lumpur cancellation cancelled the Singapore stamps!


24 May 2003: Historical Place – Clock Tower

The Malacca Clock Tower’s date was printed as 1650. The actual date of issue was 1886. This was only realised much later and Pos Malaysia quitely withdrew the 30 sen Malacca Clock Tower stamps. However not many collectors are aware of this today.



A fake Bintulu cancellation is also found in the market. The Bintulu cancellation does not exist and was made by stamping the word Bintulu separately. In all FDCs that has been verified, the Bintulu word is slanted at very odd angles in all samples indicating hand stamping the name separately. This is achieved by stamping the top using an actual cancellation and covering the name of the original location. Subsequently, the word Bintulu is added. In addition, the font is different to the standard font used in this issue.

19 August 2003: 46th Independence Celebrations

The flag on the 30 sen stamp became a controversy when a comment was made that the number of stripes on the top part of the flag was only 6 stripes (3 red and 3 white) whereas the correct flag should be 8 stripes (4 red and 4 blue) just like the RM 1.00 stamp. Pos Malaysia explained that they used an actual picture and the wind caused the flag to somewhat fold in a way where the other 2 stripes are missing. You can make your own conclusion!





27 September 2003: Malaysian Made Vehicles Series 4

This should be Malaysian Made Vehicles Series 3. The last series was issued on 09 July 2001 (Series 2) and since then there has not been any issue remotely resembling cars, motorcycles or scooters for that matter. This issue was officially “Motorcycles and Scooter Series 1” on the envelope. The “Malaysian Made Vehicles Series 4” was inserted into the Miniature Sheets.

20030927 KL Vehicles Series 4 MS 1

11 October 2003: 50th World Children’s Day Celebration

An unissued strip of stamps was issued for the Standing Order Deposite Account (SODA) first day covers.

16 December 2003: Stamp Week ’03 Primates of Malaysia Red Leaf & Prosboscis Monkey

On closer look, I found that the cancellations on the FDC is inkjet. Unlike Singapore and United Kingdom where the cancellations are inkjets, Malaysia uses the hand cancels. In fact, even the cachet is not the same as the actual used in Miri. This is a suspected fake cover. Anyone with information to share on this?


Compare the cachet and the first day of issue cancellation with the real FDC.


04 November 2004: Traditional Transportation Booklet

Pos Malaysia forgot to print their name / logo on the booklet and had to resort to handstamping the booklets. The rare ones are those without the handstamp.


Here is the comparison image (thanks to Ross for the image):

With and without Pos Malaysia Cancel

21 July 2005: 600th Anniversary Malaysia – China Relationship

There was a recall of the 50 sen stamp. The original stamp was Islamic Ceramic (Seramik Islam). Some managed to get out. The stamp was replaced with Commerce in Malacca (Perdagangan Di Melaka).

In addition the Miniature Sheet design was also changed. The image on Pos Malaysia website for Year 2005 is currently not available. Pos Malaysia has indicated that this Miniature Sheet was never printed. However, the “unissued” Miniature Sheet can be found with many dealers. The mystery is who printed the Miniature Sheets? Are they forgeries? An excellent article was published in the Journal of the Philatelic Society of Kuching Sarawak on 19 December 2019 Volume 11 No 2 by Dr Indraneil Das, Iu Cho Seng, Nedumaran Lingappan and Genevieve V. A. Gee.

600th anniversary Malaysia China unissued

This is the actual miniature sheet.


24 November 2005: Malaysia’s 5 Islands and Reefs in the South China Seas

Many states sold the stamps and FDCs before realising the date has been postponed to 22 December 2005. Here is a comparison of the cancellation of the original date and the actual date.

The leaflets were also reissued. The back of the leaflets are different. The other pages are similar. Shown below are the reissued leaflet (left – white) and the original leaflet (right – red).

Here is a comparison of the reissued poster (left) and original poster (right).

03 August 2007: Insects Series 3 overprinted with BANGKOK 2007

In another classic rarity, the overprints were almost all sold out in Bangkok. A dealer (proportedly from India) bought most of the stocks. Pos Malaysia was not aware that they actually took all the stocks to Bangkok leaving close to nothing for the SODA members! Some overprint MS were inadvertently sold over the counter at the Philatelic Bureau long after the event. Today the overprinted MS commands a tidy sum!


06 February 2007: Unique Marine Life

This stamp issue was postponed from 21 December 2006 to 06 February 2007 due to the late approval from Brunei Post. As a result both the Malaysia and Brunei stamps show 2006 but the FDCs are in 2007!


21 January 2009: Unique Birds of Malaysia

There was a major omission of the word Malaysia on the Miniature Sheet. Except for the United Kingdom (where the first stamp was used and thus the special arrangement), all countries are required to print the name of the country.


18 January 2010: Malaysian Currency

The Malaysian Currency issue was postponed from December 2009 to 18 January 2010. However the stamps were already printed with the year 2009!



20100118 Malaysia Currency postponement

13 June 2011: Virtues

The “Thankful” stamp caused a controversy as the Hindi greeting (and writing) was used instead of the Tamil greeting (and writing). The original stamps were recalled.



The image below shows the Hindi text (top) and Tamil text (bottom). The text is just a little above the cancel “Kuala Lumpur”.


The whole set was re-issued again on 18 July 2011. However many who made a “FDC” for the re-issued cancelled it after 18 July 2011 as on that day, Pos Malaysia was busy selling the Royal Palaces series. Only one counter was opened in order to sell the re-issued stamp sheets. Here is the original issue:


This is a re-issue:


08 August 2011: Malaysia – Indonesia Joint Issue

This is strictly not an error nor mistake. It is just special! On closer inspection, a member of psmonline (rcfw) found that the Malaysian flag on the Indonesia stamp is fluttering on the opposite direction! Joint issue stamps should be identical images. This must be a first in philatelic history!


I also noticed that the flag was actually added to the flag post. Notice the flag post extending further up in the Malaysia stamp? Now if you compare the image with the sheetlet image, you will see the difference.


12 January 2012: Legacy of the Loom (Year of the Dragon)

There was an error in the pamphlet’s information. This was published in the Penang Philatelic Society’s blog. Apparently the design of the dragon was taken straight out (cut and paste) from the design of a robe in the Qing Dynasty. The pamphlet was quoted as attributing the design to the Ming Dynasty (very much earlier than Qing Dynasty). Check this out:

30 August 2012: Malaysian Unity Series II

Did you know that the actual folder design was different than the image issued by Pos Malaysia? This is the image of the product by Pos Malaysia.

Malaysian Unity Series II Pos Malaysia image

This is the actual product.

Actual Folder Malaysian Unity Series II

13 September 2012: The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II (Royal Visit of TRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) (First Print sheetlet prepared for use but unissued)

The now famous first print sheetlet with the emblem “Prince William & Kate” can be seen in the market. Considering the past unissued stamps prices, the market price is still within reach. I suggest shopping around. Apparently the market believes that some sheetlets were actually sold by mistake in some post offices. I did come across the first print sheetlets in substantially less than mint condition in Kuala Lumpur. The second print’s emblem reads “TRH the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge”.



Here is the emblem of the first print sheetlet.


This is the reprint or second print emblem.


This stamp issue also attracted controversy when certain parties made unsubstantiated remarks that Elizabeth was spelt as Elixabeth thus driving up the market price. This is the error news extract in English: Pos Malaysia did not publicly clarify that it was the choice of font. Until today many dealers that I ask will gloss over the question and say … “well some say it is a spelling error”. Sadly, over commercialisation of philately had taken root. Here is the actual comparative font released by Pos Malaysia in the Philatelic Bureau.

Visuals of Elizabeth fonts from Pos Malaysia

The “error” items are: (1) Sheetlets (2) Folder (stuck over with a sticker) (3) Poster

05 February 2013: Exotic Pets (Year of the Snake)

Interestingly the poster, Pos Malaysia website as well as the leaflet in the cover showed that the Green Iguana stamp is 60 sen and the Pygmy Hedgehog stamp is 80 sen. However the actual product was reversed! The Green Iguana ended up as 80 sen and the Pygmy Hedgehog as 60 sen.

Error Exotic Pets

13 May 2013: Wonders of Malaysian Forests

There were errors in the text on the stamps. Here are the ones that Vera shared (many thanks)! 1. Rafflesia “azlanii” instead of the capitalized “Azlanii”. 2. Aposthrophe in Gould’s Frogmouth instead of “Gould” Frogmouth.


23 August 2013: Tri-nation 3rd Stamp Exhibition

The original posters were printed with the date of issue as 25 August 2013! The corrected posters were made available on 23 August 2013. However there is also a mix of English and Bahasa Malaysia – notice “Date” and “Masa”? “Masa” should have been “Time”.

Error and reissued poster

The folder also contained an error in Thailand’s flag. This folder was on display in the Kuala Lumpur Philatelic Bureau.

Error folder

On the actual day of release, a corrected folder was issued. Here is the corrected version (signed by the designer of the miniature sheet).

Reissued folder

31 August 2013: Museums and Artifacts (50 Years Muzium Negara)

The final strip of 4 setenant stamps were slightly different than the design shown on the poster. Take a look.

Museums and Artifacts Poster

It seems like the Chimney Museum has moved to the front in the final product.

20130831 Muzium Negara Museums and Artifacts 2

13 October 2013: Visit Malaysia 2014

This issue has since been postponed indefinitely. I guess this fits an administrative error and probably is the most controversial and widely publicised (for the wrong reason) issue! Most of the images in the design was lifted out from the internet without the knowledge of the real owners. Here is a picture of the recalled banner.

Visit Malaysia 2014 Banner recalled

13 March 2014: Museums and Artifacts – Unveiling of the Hidden Treasures

In this “reissue” the same mistake of the actual position of images in the strip of 4 setenant stamps compared to the design shown on the poster has been repeated. I guess the whole issue is “recycled” without a proper check.

27 March 2014: Malaysian Made Vehicles (Cars)

The first images of full sheets were first spotted in 2019 making its round in private Facebook postings. Early February 2020 saw eBay listings of the same issue in multiple single formats. There was very low interest as no one could verify the authenticity of the issue.

Not much is know about this purported “unissued”. Is it a real issue? Does anyone know the background? If yes, do email me so that I can update this section.

A 2014 Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule sent by a reader helped to shed some light. This could be the “Malaysian Made Vehicles Series 4” except Series 4 was not written on the Miniature Sheet. The Miniature Sheet translated the English title as “Malaysian Made Cars”.

Those who has seen the stamps and Miniature Sheet said that they do not have any watermark.

Meanwhile, it is still for sale on eBay. Once these are in eBay it means it is very common.

26 April 2014: Obama’s Visit to Malaysia

The Pos Malaysia logo is missing on the back of the envelope. There was a similar omission on the 04 November 2004 issue (Traditional Transportation Booklet).

20140426 KL Obama Visit Missing Pos Malaysia logo

05 November 2014: World Youth Stamp Exhibition 2014 Series 1

The actual Miniature Sheet has the WYSE logo at the top left corner of the stamp rather than on the official image where the logo is at the bottom left.

This is the official image:


This is the actual product:

20141105 KLCC KL WYSE MS 2

01 December 2014: World Youth Stamp Exhibition Series 2 to 8

The perforation borders of the stamps inside the Miniature Sheets are different between the actual MS produced and the images in the leaflets and official information:

Size of stamp in MS

For an in-depth comparison of perforations, watermark and colour shades, Dr. Indraneil Das and Genevieve V.A. Gee has written an article in The Sarawak Philatelist Volume 8 Number 1 (June 2016). A softcopy can be downloaded from this link:

This Indonesia souvenir cover indicated the 28th rather than the correct 29th Asian International Stamp Exhibition on the envelope as well as the cancellations!

20141201 Indonesia WYSE 2014

20 January 2015: Medicinal Plants Series 3

This is more of a mismatch of the stamps to the envelope images. The official image shows the stamps in a row of 60 sen, 70 sen and 80 sen.

In reality the rim of the pots for 70 sen and 80 sen are reversed. Notice the white patch and the crack on the pot? Compare that with the image of the pot on the envelope.

Meanwhile the Misai Kucing (note the leaves) on the envelope grew up to become a Roselle (70 sen stamp).

Matching Errors Medicinal Plants Series 3

In addition, the actual printed envelopes did not have the title of this issue!

20150120 Kuching KL Medicinal Plants 3

This is the official image of the envelope. So the correct envelope (if this was actually produced) would be rarer than the error envelopes!!!

20150120 Medicinal Plants Series 3 official image

06 May 2015: Installation of DYMM Sultan of Perak

Very few envelopes were found to have missing gold printing.

20150506 Kuala Kangsar Installation Sultan Perak MS misprint envelope

08 June 2015: Marine Creatures (Malaysia – Thailand Joint Issue)

There is an error in the Malaysian flag on the Thailand Post envelope. It is missing another 3 stripes (there are 14 red and white stripes on the correct flag, however on the image, there are only 11 stripes).

20150608 Bangkok Marine Creatures

08 August 2015: ASEAN Community Joint Issue

Some errors were found in the ASEAN Community Joint Issue.


There were some errors in the territories in the leaflet. Papua New Guinea was included into the Indonesian territory. In addition, the size of Brunei is incorrect in proportion with the other countries.



There is an error on the First Day Cover envelope. The Malaysian Flag was shown as having 15 stripes. There should only be 14 stripes.

20150808 Laos ASEAN Community Laos

The same error was also found on the Miniature Sheets (Perforated and Imperforated pair).



The spelling for Malaysia was wrongly printed as Malayia.


27 October 2015: Stamp Week 2015

The original plan to issue the Founding Fathers of Malaysia was scrapped. These are the unissued images from the unissued poster. Only 1 stamp was issued so far, i.e. the Hari OMG 60 sen stamp.


04 December 2015: Traditional Attires

The Traditional Attires issue was also prepared as a setenant strip of 4 for the Standing Order Deposit Account (SODA) FDCs. This was not released as a mint stamp. This would be a precursor to more unissued setenant strips in 2016.


20151204 Dataran Pahlawan Four Nation Stamp Exhibition SODA setenant

A special SODA order form for the unissued Traditional Attires (Four Nations) and the Traditional Dance Series 2 full sheets was distributed to members. This would be a precursor to the release of more unissued setenant sheets.


2016 Unissued setenant stamp strips

In 2016, Pos Malaysia continued to issue setenant stamp strips just for the Standing Order Deposit Account first day covers. Since it will become a normal feature, I will just list out the issues with unissued setenant strips.

From mid-June 2016, Pos Malaysia released SODA order forms for the unissued full sheets. Thus these SODA stamp strips will eventually be issued.

  1. Traditional Dance Series 2 (SODA order June 2016)
  2. Johor Definitive
  3. Scented Flowers Series 2
  4. Perak Definitive
  5. National Laureates
  6. River Transportation in Sarawak
  7. Malaysian Calligraphy
  8. Tourist Destinations – Kedah & Kelantan
  9. Seven Wonders of Malaysia’s Flora & Fauna
  10. Battle Sites
  11. International Definitive Stamps
  12. Community Postman
  13. 200 Years of Excellence Penang Free School
  14. Places of Worship
  15. 100 Years Girl Guides Association Malaysia
  16. Reign of the Yang diPertuan Agong XIV

The Paralymics Golden Moments in Rio 2016 featured only a  single stamp. Thus there is no setenant strip.

Following the gradual release of the unissued setenant full sheets, this section will not be updated in 2017 and will be left as a record for future reference.

03 February 2016: Traditional Dance Series 2

There was a spelling error on the brochure (leaflet). Rejang Be’uh was spelt as Redang Be’uh.

20160203 Brochure Error Traditional Dance Series 2

25 February 2016: Johor Definitive

The actual Miniature Sheet was issued with perforations in contrast to the poster which is supposed to be an imperforate.

Actual issued:

Johor Definitive 2016

Original design:


21 November 2016: Places of Worship

There is an error in the brochure for the location of Perak Tong (a cave temple).


Perak Tong is located near Kampung Tawas and not in Gunung Rapat. The temple could be mistaken for the Sam Poh Tong (another cave temple). Both temples are location in greater Ipoh.


There is also a constant flaw of a green dot on the second stamp from the top of the left gutter. Here is the location:


28 March 2017: Festive Greeting

There are errors in the names of the calligraphers in the brochure.

03 November 2017: Royal Visit of TRH The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall and 60th Anniversary of Bilateral Relations Malaysia – United Kingdom

The title tab in the Royal Visit sheets (both types) have the spelling error “Annniversary” rather than the correct “Anniversary”.

22 October 2018: Installation of the Sultan of Kedah

The name of the Sultan of Kedah, Sultan Sallehuddin was misplet as Sultan Salehuddin on the set of 3 stamps.

The background of two stamps were also changed to yellow from the original design (shown on poster and the leaflet).

October 2018: 40 sen Federal Territory Garden Flowers Reprint with 10 sen micro text error

The new 2018/1 Federal Territory Garden Flowers Definitive reprints were issued with micro text. However, the 40 sen denomination had an error with the text 10 sen in the middle of the micro text.

This error was repeated in the 2019/1 reprint first noted to be sold around early August 2019.

This error was subsequently fixed in the 2020/1 reprint first noted to be sold around end April 2020.

31 December 2020: 125th Anniversary of Johor State Constitution

This issue was sold on 27 January 2021. The banners, folders, posters and stamp sheetlet margin had the Johor Coat of Arms with missing crescent and star. The folders and posters were recalled. New folders with the corrected Johor Coat of Arms will be reissued.

Correct Royal Coat of Arms:


23 February 2023 Pets

The original date of issue was on 14 February 2023. It was then moved to 23 February 2023. Some leaflets were still found with the original issue date of 14 February 2023. Here are the comparison between the recalled and reissued leaflets.

The folders were also printed with 14 February 2023 with a sticker dated 23 February 2023 covering the original date.

The story of the Malaysian Errors has yet to finish. Follow this site if you do not want to be left out of any new items. I will be updating the site as I catalogue down my stuff.


39 thoughts on “Errors, Amendments and Unissued Issues

  1. this site is BRILLIANT i love it to bits. I collect first day covers generically. Now I regard them a sspace filler while I now start looking for the rarities.Thankyou for the insight

    1. Dear P McN ,

      Thank your for the comments. I am still updating the site and hope to compile all the stories. Many of the error are still affordable as there was no recall or correction. Drop me a note on your own findings.

      Happy New Year!


  2. [IMG][/IMG]
    This is the Image for the Beca with and without the chop use it if you want I found it and bought it very cheap

  3. Mongosteen was only a colour trial proof not an unissued. I was not even in a sheet of 100 but a small pane version.

    1. Thanks for the clarification Johnson. I got this the information from ISC. I will amend. I really appreciate the stories behind. Makes collecting more interesting! Keep them coming!


      1. You can clearly see the mangosteen as proof if you have a corner blocks as you can see “blanks stamps” on another note, the cultural instruments and artifact was an intended issue as a “limited edition” but somehow was bungled and send to one of the post office (Shah Alam, if not mistaken) and was sold openly to collectors as normal.

      2. I think ISC might need to revised the catalogue description. I could not get a corner block. I have seen one block on eBay but it was not corner block.

        You are right that the cultural instruments and artifact was accidentally released in Shah Alam. It was pulled back a few hours later. I was buying stamps on that day in Shah Alam and was one of the earlier ones in the queue. Does anyone else know if any other sheets were released in other Post Offices?

        I am also really keen to know why the Unity Series 2 folder final design was different as well as how the denominations in the Exotic Pets stamps were switched. Anyone with information?


  4. Hello,

    Quite interesting information you have here.

    I would like to share some information about Kuala Lumpur, old colonial spelling. In some old documents that I have been through, the spelling was indeed Kwala Lumpur. In the old days, the spelling were in Jawi and only romanised properly in the 1960-s. Even until today, reference for Kwala Lumpur can be found in newspaper in the UK. Another example were and postal marks do found to be used as Negri Sembilan, Trengganu, Kalantan, Panang, etc etc.

    Thus, I would say – it is not an Error but rather spelling evolution.

    Manage, Organise and Showcase your Banknotes, Coins & Philately.

    1. Hi Ed,

      Thanks for the insight. I found that the spelling on the postmarks were indeed “Kwala” in those days. It is an interesting evolution of how names of places changes overtime. I have put a note in the insert for other readers.

      Hope you will send in more insights.


      1. Hi sky52200,

        1859-1860 private currency (banknote) had K.L. spelt as “Kwala Lumpor”. Then from 20th Century Impressions of British Malaya book (1908) had K.L. spelt as “Kuala Lumpor”. Evolution perhaps?

  5. On 2 purported errors-
    1. Rafflesia “azlanii” instead of the capitalized ”Azlanii”.
    > According to the rules for naming plants (International Code for Botanical Nomenclature), the species name should be set in lower case. So, azianii is correct.
    2. Aposthrophe in Gould’s Sunbird instead of ”Gould” Sunbird.
    > Named for the painted John Gould. So, ‘Gould’s’ is correct.

    Best wishes


  6. how much would this MS – 03 August 2007: Insects Series 3 overprinted with BANGKOK 2007
    cost now? it was not mentioned in ISC, thanks

      1. I bought 1 from Indian dealer (In India ) for RM125 year before last , some are going for crazy prices on ebay RM270++ On ISC they don’t have stock so not listed …..typical

      2. I noticed that the Thai dealers are also selling at the lower end of the market. The last Tri-Nation in Dayabumi, there were a lot on offer without much takers.


  7. recently bought 2 sets of the three sheets of ‘Wonders of Malaysian Forest’ at Dayabumi philatelic office and found out that one set had different size i.e. one with original size 13×10 cm and another set of the three sheets 11.5x10cm nicely centered- I don’t think someone tried his scissors on it.

  8. Found another mistake on Tri-nation 3rd Stamp Exhibition’s poster.
    “Tarikh” instead of “Date”.

      1. Hi,I am Ahmed Latiff from Durban South Africa.Recently i made a purchase from you.On your website,you have a article on the 600th Anniversary Malaysia and China relationship,mentioning the withdrawl of the 50sen stamp and the RM2.00 miniature sheet.I am very keen to buy these items.Are they available and the price.
        Hoping to hear from you,
        Ahmed Latiff

      2. Hello Ahmed!

        They are scarce. There have been pictures of some pieces that managed to get out. However, I have not been able to get a hold of them.


  9. Hi, I found your blog on Malaysian misprints and although it’s mostly about FDC’s I was wondering whether you have any idea of the value of a misprinted Malaysian stamp I have. It’s the 1996 RM1 CAPA conference stamp (Michel nr. 615, SG nr. 621), which says ‘Paclfic’ instead of ‘Pacific’. Do you know what it might be worth? And also: would you perhaps be interested in purchasing it? Malaysia is not my main collection area.

    Thanks in advance for your reply,

    Anders Schinkel (Netherlands)

  10. Hi,

    May I know 1970 date 31/08 national butterflies series 25¢ stamp( blue banded king crow) has a flaws error printed or perforation misplaced on the stamp is this common for 25¢?

  11. Ahmed Latiff says:
    February 22, 2015 at 4:56 pm
    Hi,I am Ahmed Latiff from Durban South Africa.Recently i made a purchase from you.On your website,you have a article on the 600th Anniversary Malaysia and China relationship,mentioning the withdrawl of the 50sen stamp and the RM2.00 miniature sheet.I am very keen to buy these items.Are they available and the price.
    Hoping to hear from you,
    Ahmed Latiff
    sky52200 says:
    February 22, 2015 at 5:33 pm
    Hello Ahmed!
    They are scarce. There have been pictures of some pieces that managed to get out. However, I have not been able to get a hold of them
    Dear sky52200.
    The above is being reffered.
    I have recently purchased a fabulous fresh mint set of the Miniature Sheet With 2 of the Recalled 50Sen Stamps for RM900. from a collector in Kuching.Sarawak.
    For me It is worth the money …. as it is very scarce in the market.
    The Stamps and Miniature Sheet purchased will definitely be among my favorite.

  12. Hi. I have a sheet of 20 00sen stamps apparently showing traditional dance of the Bidayuh and Iban tribes in Sarawak. In the lower right of the sheet is a date of 2/13/06 12.38.34pm There is a hand written note which states these were printed in limited quantities but unissued for political reasons. Is anyone able to share any information on these.
    Thank you. Ryan Epps

    1. Hi! Do you have an image to send to ?

      The stamps were released on the date stated (13 February 2006). However there is a full setenant sheet of 20 sets that was not issued until much later in a ballot.

      If I can see the image of what you are referring to, it is hard to comment.


  13. Hi Sky! First of all I want to say I’m a big fan of your blog. You’re always there to give me some last minute news before I go out and buy the latest FDCs, so thank you 🙂

    Second of all, I recently purchased a set of the Highland Bird stamp series from 1997, it just arrived and I went around and observed them with joy because I’m a topical collector of bird stamps. I noticed the RM1 stamp has some sort of double impression on the text, the value, the left vertical text and the MALAYSIA. I tried and searched my catalogues and the internet but it doesn’t say anything about misprints. I’m not too certain if I should classify it as a minor or an error. So I would be most intrigued if you can help a young collector out.

    Here’s the photo:

    Thanks Sky and have a lovely evening!


  14. Thank you for reading myfdc. It is always nice to get any message from readers. Your stamp is a minor shift in printing. Still an error. It is not common for this stamp so keep it well and put a note so that you do not mix it up.


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