Of Coins and Fournations

Well the next issue on Coins of the Malay Sultanate will comprise of 50 sen setenant and a RM 1.50 stamp together with the RM 5 Miniature Sheet. We do still need to wait for confirmation (as usual).

The news about Fournations overprint on the RM 1.30 Bunga Telang / Pulut Tekan stamp is true. It will be on sale for SODA first and well eventually find its way out to the market. It seems the covers too. You know the drill… wait for the order form after that a lot come out in the market.

So that is the latest updates while we recharge for the Raya!

By the way, do keep a lookout for the recalled leaflets of the recent Pets issue, they are dated 14 February 2023. https://myfdc.me/errors-and-unissued/



2 thoughts on “Of Coins and Fournations

    1. Wow! Must be Bangkok price as usually sold higher overseas. Most dealers just stick a Thai stamp and postmark tgen come back to Malaysia and buy at face value and cop to lower the cost.


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