24 April 1993: 16th Asia-Pacific Dental Congress

The RM 1 stamp contains an error in the flag representing Chinese Taipei (Taiwan). The flag of the People’s Republic of China was printed instead! This was however not corrected. This FDC was cancelled in Kuala Lumpur.

02 August 1993: Malaysian Wild Flowers Series 2

This FDC was cancelled in Tanah Rata to match one of the 50 sen stamp Tepus Tanah. Tanah Rata is located in Cameron Highlands where wild ginger are being sold.

19930802 Tanah Rata Wild Flowers Series 2

13 September 1993: 14th Commonwealth Forestry Conference

This FDC was cancelled in Kuala Lumpur.

01 October 1993: Bangkok 1993

This is not a FDC, however due to the rarity of the stamps, I would just like to feature the only one of its kind in Malaysia: a side by side original and overprinted stamps on an official Pos Malaysia issued card cancelled with the exhibition cachet!

This is a private cover cancelled with the exhibition cachet.

19931001 BKK Bangkok 1993

07 December 1993: Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition ’93

Both the FDCs were cancelled in Langkawi.


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