Here are some First Day Covers from Sarawak:

06 November 1945: Australian Stamps for Use in Sarawak

These 4 Australian stamps were released for use on 06 November 1945 just after the Second World War.

19451106 Kuching Australia Definitve

Most philatelic covers were cancelled on 08 November 1945 when the Australian stamps were widely available.

19451108 Kuching Australia

17 December 1945: BMA Overprint Definitive

19451217 Kuching Sarawak BMA

The FDC below is cancelled in Brunei.

19451217 Brunei Sarawak BMA

18 May 1946: Sarawak Centenary

19460518 Kuching Sarawak Centenary

16 April 1947: Sir Charles Vyner Brooke (cypher overprint) Definitive


10 October 1949: 75th Anniversary of Universal Postal Union


03 January 1950: H. M. King George VI Definitive

19500103 Mukah Definitive

01 February 1952: H. M. King George VI Definitive

19520201 Binatang Definitive

03 June 1953: Coronation of H. M. Queen Elizabeth II

19530603 Kuching Coronation

19530603 Sibu Coronation

01 June 1955: Queen Elizabeth II Definitive


01 October 1957: Queen Elizabeth II Definitive




19571001 Kuching Definitive 1

19571001 Kuching Definitive 2


4 thoughts on “Sarawak

  1. I noticed the first cover you have shown on sale.
    What is a fair price for the fdc cancelled on 6th Nov?
    Thank you.

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