Here are some First Day Covers from Sarawak:

06 November 1945: Australian Stamps for Use in Sarawak

These 4 Australian stamps were supposed to be released for use on 06 November 1945. Thus far, I have only been able to locate philatelic covers cancelled on 08 November 1945. If anyone has the first day of issue cover, can you send me a photo of the image for use in this website?

19451108 Kuching Australia

17 December 1945: BMA Overprint Definitive

19451217 Kuching Sarawak BMA

The FDC below is cancelled in Brunei.

19451217 Brunei Sarawak BMA

18 May 1946: Sarawak Centenary

19460518 Kuching Sarawak Centenary

16 April 1947: Sir Charles Vyner Brooke (cypher overprint) Definitive


10 October 1949: 75th Anniversary of Universal Postal Union


03 January 1950: H. M. King George VI Definitive

19500103 Mukah Definitive

01 February 1952: H. M. King George VI Definitive

19520201 Binatang Definitive

03 June 1953: Coronation of H. M. Queen Elizabeth II

19530603 Kuching Coronation

19530603 Sibu Coronation

01 June 1955: Queen Elizabeth II Definitive


01 October 1957: Queen Elizabeth II Definitive




19571001 Kuching Definitive 1

19571001 Kuching Definitive 2



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