Return of Reprint Markings with RM 1.30 1/2022???

Firstly my appreciation to KK Khor for the timely information today. Apparently sheets of RM 1.30 reprints were sold at the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office today (13 October 2022). This will place the definitive reprint probably came out early this month. Recall that as early as 23 March 2021, the RM 1.30 sheets no longer have markings.

Does this signify a return to reprint markings? This will greatly increase the definitive collector’s interest again after the long stretch of no reprint markings….

For a comprehensive information provided by various collectors around Malaysia on the earliest know reprint dates check out:

Again, do check the corner if there are new markings. It might signify a new series of 1/2022. Keep an eye out for it.