Updated 27 November 2018: The wrap-up of Stamp Week 2018

The next issue will be the Stamp Week 2018 issue with the topic Malaysian Lifestyles Series 2. The following are the products:

  1. Stamps: 60 sen x 5 designs (Kite Flying, Playing Musical Instrument, Fishing, Stamp Collecting, Inventing)
  2. Postcard (it was stated as Postal Card): RM 5 for a set of 5
  3. Empty folder: RM 6

As usual there will be 7 daily cancellations plus a cachet.

A host of activities are lined up:

12 November 2018: Launch of Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Setemku Folder set and Postal Card set

15 November 2018: Commemorative Cover issue – Malaysia Achievement in 18th Asian Games

17 November 2018: 7th Malaysia Postcrossing Meet-up in the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office Headquarters (12:00 noon onwards at Level 3, Dewan Sri Pos)

Here is the postcard design:

The postcard can be ordered from Matthew Lai KH (Facebook). The postcard was designed by @mei_amyng

I will update as the Stamp Week information as it becomes available throughout this week. Watch this page!

Updated 09 November 2018:

Today’s Media Preview was a 3 in 1. The Media Preview was attended by both Pos Malaysia and the Malaysia Walt Disney Company.

The quantities of the Stamp Week issues are:

  1. Stamps: 200,000 pieces of each design
  2. Empty Folders: 1,800 pieces
  3. Blank envelopes: 30,000 pieces
  4. Postal Cards (postcards): 5,000 pieces per design

The designer, Mr KY Lim, Reign Associates, is expected to join in the Stamp Week to autograph the issue.

If you purchase RM 80 worth of products, the purchaser will receive a limited edition cinderella (in Philatelic term, a cinderella is a Miniature Sheet without any postal value). There are only 3,000 pieces available in Kuala Lumpur Philatelic Bureau (HQ). The design of the cinderella is from the World Post Day 2018 issue.

The cinderella is printed by Royal Joh. Enschedé. Royal Joh. Enschedé is expected to have a booth during the Stamp Week 2018.

The Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Setemku issue will also be on sale on the 12th and there will be a separate counter.

KY Lim is also invited for the 15 November 2018 issue on Asian Games to autograph the Pre-Stamped Envelopes.

On 17 November 2018, the Postcrossing Meetup will be held at Level 3, Dewan Sri Pos.

Note: Pos Malaysia clarified that a Postal Card is an official postcard issued by Pos Malaysia.

Do check out my links above to get detailed updates on the Mickey Mouse and Asian Games issues.

Look out for further updates.

Updated 12 November 2018:

The Philatelic Bureau, even though opened at 08:30 am, did not begin selling the products until 09:30 am as per the posters.

The queue was surprisingly good. However it was mainly for the Mickey Mouse products. A Chinese language newspaper mistakenly wrote 500 sets were available thus creating an artificial panic buying. The http://www.eziemall.com was out of stock for the day as the new stocks have not been loaded, further increasing the demand.

There was a surprise announcement of Setenant Strip Sheets. 2 different sheets were available in the morning (Ornamental Fishes and Merdeka 2018) and afternoon (Working Dogs and Kelantan Definitive).

The morning session for setenant strip sheets starts at 09:30 am until stocks are exhausted.

The afternoon session for setenant strip sheets starts at 02:00 pm until stocks are exhausted.

The counters were separated into:

1. the normal counters to sell the Stamp Week items; and

2. the Merchandise Counter which was the usual “Caring Counter” to sell Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary products and Setenant Strip sheets.

3. The regular Setem Ku Counter was selling a special Stamp Week Setem Ku sheetlet. The Sheetlets were selling at RM 18.00 (a 10% discount from the normal RM 20.00).

Each receipt of at least RM 80 is entitled to redeem a mint Cinderella. Thus customers were dividing their purchases into multiple receipts.

Mr KY Lim, Reign Associates, were on hand to autograph from about 09:00 am.

The main exhibition hall was a bit quite as the action was all in the Philatelic Bureau. There were 2 local dealers, Royal Joh. Enschedé, Philatelic Society of Malaysia (PSM) and a Pos Malaysia counter.

Of interest is the PSM counter which was selling the blank Thailand 2018 World Stamp Exhibition covers at RM 2.00 each.

More updates along the week. I will probably just put snippets as the programme is too tight and I need to be back in my day job (which is NOT dealing in philatelic items).

Updated 13 November 2018:

Today was rather quiet. I guess many caught their mice. Anyway for those who still cannot catch a Mouse: https://myfdc.me/2018/11/13/mickey-mouse-folders-at-face-value-for-myfdc-readers-only/ (closed)

Most of those waiting for setenant strip sheets came between 08:30 am to 09:00 am. The Stamp Week 2018 and Mickey Folders and Pre-Stamped Postcards started selling at 09:30 am.

However the sales of setenant strips only started at close to 11:00 am. By that time, Pos Malaysia was kind enough to sell all items rather than breaking them into morning and afternoon which was a real inconvenience. This sales method of starting at 09:30 am will continue every day.

So today’s setenants are:

There were plenty to go around. Everybody went back happy.

NOTE: The ETS is NOT the overprint ETS for SODA that was out a while back!

For tomorrow, the setenant strip sheets will be:

Sales will start at 09:30 am every day.

The Mickey Mouse Folder sets were available in eziemall towards late evening: https://www.eziemall.com/90-years-of-magic-disney-mickey

Updated 14 November 2018:

The counters opened at 09:30 am.

There were 2 counters:

  1. Mickey Mouse and Setenants
  2. Malaysian Lifestyles Series 2
  3. Malaysian Lifestyles Series 2 Setem Ku

The Mickey Mouse Pre-Stamped Postcards were sold out at the counters. However the folders are coming out and continue to be available in eziemall. Demand is still strong.

The setenants from Monday and Tuesday were still available. These were sold AFTER the sales of today’s setenant.

Updated 15 November 2018:

The Philatelic Bureau sales started at about 09:30 am. Sales of the ASIAN Games Pre-Stamped envelopes were slow.

Most who came were looking for the setenants. Here are today’s setenant strip sheets:

Mr KY Lim from Reign Associates came slightly after 09:00 am to start his autograph session.

The sales of Mickey Folders were slowing down. The eziemall was again pending re-stocking. There were many who asked about the Pre-Stamped Postal Card set. This is really sold out.

I asked about the SODA Order for Mickey Postal Card and the answer was the order will still be accepted. I wonder how many will be successful….

Tomorrow’s setenant strip sheets will be:

Saturday’s setenants are:

Sunday’s setenants are:

See you all at 09:30 am tomorrow.

Updated 16 November 2018:

After days of almost unlimited setenants, today the Malaysia Day was limited to 3 sheets per person.

Updated 19 November 2018:

The last 2 days saw a flurry of activities and that cause a delay in updating this website. For quick news, Follow Facebook; myfdc Malaysia

Here is the round-up of the week.

On 17 November 2018, the morning queue was again for the setenant strip sheets. The sales was brisk. There was no limit and thus some dealers took in stock. Everyone could get what they wanted. The Telegraph Museum and Tourist Destinations – Sabah were the first 2 to be sold out. This was followed by the Historical Museums.

Note: I heard that Jit Sin was sold out by the end of the day but am unable to get any confirmation as I have left the place. Can anyone confirm?

7th Malaysia Postcrossing Meetup

At around noon, the 7th Malaysia Postcrossing Meetup was already underway on Level 3, Dewan Sri Pos, General Post Office, Dayabumi Complex, Kuala Lumpur. There were numerous postcard designs on sale. The “U” shaped table arrangement was conducive as it allowed postcard writing and circulation for signatures easy.


Do you see yourself or your friends in the photos?

There was a small school philatelic exhibition at the back of Dewan Sri Pos.

On 18 November 2018, the queues were significantly larger due to a late evening 17 November 2018 notice from Pos Malaysia that there will be a limit for the Blowpipe issue! So here is the opening bell picture of the long queue for the Setenant Strip Sheets on the left and those interested in getting the complete cancellations on the right.

Every queue ticket was entitled to buy 5 sheets of setenant Blowpipe with no limit to the other 2 items. However the World Post Day 2018 issue was the first to be sold out. This was soon followed by the Blowpipe close to noon.

The release of the Stamp Week 2018 setenant sheet was a great idea as it allows the creation of a complete Stamp Week 2018 setenant FDC.

Here is my creation with the limited Stamp Week 2018 Cinderella with complete week’s cancellations. If you are interested, I have a few spares for sale due to the limited number of Cinderellas. Contact: sky52200myfdc@gmail.com

Here is just the Cinderella on Cover:

It was an exhausting week due to the early queues for the setenant sheets. I fell asleep early and was unable to update this webpage nor reply to FB.

The process for Setenant Sheets would have been easier if it was done through a SODA order form. It was roughly the same faces every morning for the sheets with no new customers (which should have been the objective of having the stamp sheets to attract new customers).

Overall, Mickey Mouse stole the lime light as it was a really hot item and even towards the end, there were new faces walking in to look for The Mouse! This is a really good marketing tool as it achieved good promotion and attracted new faces – even if it was only for The Mouse!

What is your experience for this year’s Stamp Week? What are your ideas for future Stamp Weeks? Share your ideas at the Comment section below.

Thanks for reading myfdc this week. Get ready for the State Orchid Definitive Miniature Sheets in a few weeks!

Updated 27 November 2018:

For those who missed out the 7 days cancellations, Pos Malaysia has an order form for SODA for the 7 days in 7 covers. Feel free to share the form.



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  1. I am from Penang state.I think stamp week daily cancellations should be made available at each state’s General Pos Office (GPO) in order to attract public in joining philately activities at each state.So far only Kuala Lumpur GPO is organising stamp week activities each year.

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