Updated: Next Issue – 09 October 2018 World Post Day

The next issue will be on World Post Day to be released on 09 October 2018.

This issue will feature cartoon caricatures of the postmen in action.

The items to be released are:

  1. 2 designs of stamps (60 sen and 80 sen)
  2. Imperforate Miniature Sheet RM 3.00
  3. Blank envelopes 50 sen
  4. Empty folder RM 6.00

Stay tuned for more information.

Updated 05 October 2018: Media Preview

Today was the media preview of the World Post Day Issue.

The quantities produced for this issue are:

  1. 2 designs of stamps – 200,000 pieces for each design
  2. Imperforate Miniature Sheet – 22,000 pieces
  3. Blank envelopes – 30,000 pieces
  4. Empty folder – 1,800 pieces

There will be an exhibition at the lobby of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission starting from 08 October 2018. However this stamp issue will only be sold on 09 October 2018. There will be a special MCMC pictorial cancellation at the site. The great news is that SODA members will automatically get this cancellation!

Address: https://www.mcmc.gov.my/contact/headquarter

Postcards? Yes, MCMC will issue. No further information on this and I cannot get an independent verification.

Who is the artist? If you have also followed myfdc Malaysia Facebook, I dropped a hint NON. The artist is none other than Datuk Dr Mohd Noor Awang or better known as NON. Some of you might remember his cartoons in Berita Harian! He has been invited to autograph and is expected to arrive after 09:00 am.

Oh, yes the designer is from World Communications Network Resources. The name was not provided.

Another great news! The MS and the stamps can fit on the envelope to make a composite FDC!

With so many great news, let me give you a summary:

  1. Special cancellation in MCMC, Cyberjaya.
  2. Special cancellation for SODA.
  3. NON will make an appearance in the Philatelic Bureau, GPO, Kuala Lumpur.
  4. You can make a Composite FDC.

Here is a trivia:

Even though the stamps can be joined by the character and is similar to the MS, however, the background is different!


The first 3 persons who can guess the background of the MS will get something special from me. Just post your answer under the comment below.

You can guess only 1 location and the first 3 persons who reply on the comment below this post BEFORE 07:00 pm on Monday (08 October 2018) will win. Simple.

I will message you on Monday (08 October 2018) night to inform you if you are one of the 3 winners.

Always some fun for fellow collectors 🙂

Join in the fun:

Post your news on the World Post Day activities in your area. Check out the GPOs in your State or the larger post offices. There might be special cachets. Since these are localised, the information will be harder to obtain. Just ask the postmaster. By the way, if there is, I will be keep to buy a set will all the stamps stuck like the Composite FDC I show above. Just message me at sky52200myfdc@gmail.com.

For faster access to sudden announcements, LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/MYFDCMalaysia



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