Updated: Free postcards (Closed)

Updated: Free postcards (Closed)

Any reader wants free World Post Day 2018 official MCMC postcards?

Special for first 5 myfdc readers who send me your address to my email by 03:00 pm.


This is now closed. Please note the time and how to contact me in future freebies. It is very specific. If you are a regular reader, you will know how to contact myfdc. It is in some of my comments.

Thank you all for the interest.


Quiz winners for tomorrow’s World Post Day

Quiz winners for tomorrow’s World Post Day

Ok…. drum roll…. the great guesses are:

Click to find out…..

1. Alan Tan

2. PJ Ong

3. Lan Chun Yi

Bonus winner just because you have the heart to join in the fun and a great guess:

4. HT Yeoh

Please send your address to me at sky52200myfdc@gmail.com

Thank you for reading myfdc!


Palindrome Date and Some Updates for Tomorrow’s World Post Day

Palindrome Date and Some Updates for Tomorrow’s World Post Day

Well, have you managed to drop by the Post Office during lunch time? Today has a nice Palindrome date of 8.10.18 or 81018. Reading from left to right and right to left will be the same. Some call it radar.

Meanwhile, here are additional information to help you navigate tomorrow’s various special cachets and cancellations:

  1. The special first day of issue MCMC cancellation in MCMC Head Office is available from about 10:00 am.
  2. The launch by the Honourable Minister Gobind Singh Deo (Minister, Communications and Multimedia) will be at about 02:30 pm.
  3. There will be special cachets in Johor Bahru General Post Office, Mersing Post Office and Pekan Nenas Poslaju Centre.
  4. My quiz close tonight at 07:00 pm. Read: https://myfdc.me/2018/09/25/next-issue-09-october-2018-world-post-day/

See you all the various post offices tomorrow!






Updated: Next Issue – 09 October 2018 World Post Day

Updated: Next Issue – 09 October 2018 World Post Day

The next issue will be on World Post Day to be released on 09 October 2018.

This issue will feature cartoon caricatures of the postmen in action.

The items to be released are:

  1. 2 designs of stamps (60 sen and 80 sen)
  2. Imperforate Miniature Sheet RM 3.00
  3. Blank envelopes 50 sen
  4. Empty folder RM 6.00

Stay tuned for more information.

Updated 05 October 2018: Media Preview

Today was the media preview of the World Post Day Issue.

The quantities produced for this issue are:

  1. 2 designs of stamps – 200,000 pieces for each design
  2. Imperforate Miniature Sheet – 22,000 pieces
  3. Blank envelopes – 30,000 pieces
  4. Empty folder – 1,800 pieces

There will be an exhibition at the lobby of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission starting from 08 October 2018. However this stamp issue will only be sold on 09 October 2018. There will be a special MCMC pictorial cancellation at the site. The great news is that SODA members will automatically get this cancellation!

Address: https://www.mcmc.gov.my/contact/headquarter

Postcards? Yes, MCMC will issue. No further information on this and I cannot get an independent verification.

Who is the artist? If you have also followed myfdc Malaysia Facebook, I dropped a hint NON. The artist is none other than Datuk Dr Mohd Noor Awang or better known as NON. Some of you might remember his cartoons in Berita Harian! He has been invited to autograph and is expected to arrive after 09:00 am.

Oh, yes the designer is from World Communications Network Resources. The name was not provided.

Another great news! The MS and the stamps can fit on the envelope to make a composite FDC!

With so many great news, let me give you a summary:

  1. Special cancellation in MCMC, Cyberjaya.
  2. Special cancellation for SODA.
  3. NON will make an appearance in the Philatelic Bureau, GPO, Kuala Lumpur.
  4. You can make a Composite FDC.

Here is a trivia:

Even though the stamps can be joined by the character and is similar to the MS, however, the background is different!


The first 3 persons who can guess the background of the MS will get something special from me. Just post your answer under the comment below.

You can guess only 1 location and the first 3 persons who reply on the comment below this post BEFORE 07:00 pm on Monday (08 October 2018) will win. Simple.

I will message you on Monday (08 October 2018) night to inform you if you are one of the 3 winners.

Always some fun for fellow collectors 🙂

Join in the fun:

Post your news on the World Post Day activities in your area. Check out the GPOs in your State or the larger post offices. There might be special cachets. Since these are localised, the information will be harder to obtain. Just ask the postmaster. By the way, if there is, I will be keep to buy a set will all the stamps stuck like the Composite FDC I show above. Just message me at sky52200myfdc@gmail.com.

For faster access to sudden announcements, LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/MYFDCMalaysia


Next issue: 16 July 2018 Telegraph Museum Taiping

Next issue: 16 July 2018 Telegraph Museum Taiping

The next issue is the Telegraph Museum in Taiping in collaboration with Telekom Malaysia (TM). This issue is in conjunction with the launching of the museum. The Telegraph Museum actually had a soft launch on 03 April 2018. The museum is located next to the Taiping Post Office. Thus the most concordant cancellation is from Taiping Post Office.

This issue will comprise of:

  1. 3 x 60 sen stamps (Transmitter Key, Receiver and Gutta Percha/Grinder Stone/Submarine Cable)
  2. RM 3 Miniature Sheet of the Museum
  3. 50 sen blank envelope
  4. RM 6 empty folder

A media preview was held by Puan Diyana Lean Abdullah, Head of the Stamp & Philately Unit of Pos Malaysia and En. Abd Hamid bin Hashim, Director of Yayasan Telekom Malaysia. The event was attended by the media and Philatelic Society of Malaysia.


  1. Stamps: 200,000 pieces of each design
  2. MS: 25,000 pieces
  3. Blank envelope: 28,000 pieces
  4. Empty folders: 1,700 pieces

The museum launch ceremony will be held in Telegraph Museum at 10:00 am on Monday (16 July 2018) to invited guests as a VVIP will be officiating the museum. The public will be allowed to visit the museum after the official opening ceremony.

The designer from World Communications Network Resources was invited to the opening ceremony as well as a representative to the Philatelic Bureau in Kuala Lumpur.


  1. This is the FIRST telegraph museum in Southeast Asia!
  2. The first  cable insulation from United Kingdom to Australia was insulated with the rubber from Gutta Percha tree!
  3. The Taiping Post and Telegraph Office which opened in 1885 was the first one-stop telegram, telephone, postal and banking facility in our country!
  4. The folder is perforated with the Morse Code!
  5. The back of the folder features the Morse Code.

Great new! All SODA holders will be able to receive the Taiping cancellation!


09 October 2017: World Post Day : Pos-Silang

09 October 2017: World Post Day : Pos-Silang

Today’s response was decent. Here is the response when the Philatelic Bureau opened its doors.

The stamps in the main General Post Office counter was sold out quite early. The queue at the Philatelic Bureau was initially slow but started to move towards 10:00 am. Most buyers were aiming for the Postbox Postcard design.

At the General Post Office, there was an simple observance of the World Post Day. 16 early birds were given goody slingbags with free Presentation Packs and souvenir fridge magnets.

Meanwhile, the 5th Malaysia Postcrossing Meetup preparations were underway directly upstairs on Level 3 where Dewan Sri Pos is located. Recognise anyone inside the photo?

This time the Postcrossers were seated in a square. The Postcrossers then put their postcards into a plastic bag with their name marked. The plastic bag is then passed in turn around the square arrangement in order that all those seated can sign in turn. This is a very neat way compared to the criss-crossing arrangement in the last meetup on a round table. After the initial autographing (is there any other name for this signing process?) of postcards, everyone joined in the opening ceremony.

At the end of the ceremony, the Prostcrossers returned to the square and completed the autographs and applied cachets of the 5th Postcrossing Meetup on the postcards.

The designer for this issue is Mr Gan Soon Bing from World Communications Network Resources.

Here is my simple FDC with the Meetup cachets and designer’s autograph.

This time I managed to send out postcards.

The Kota Kinabalu Postcrossing Meetup was held in Sea Monster Restaurant, Segama.

Meanwhile in Johor, Majidee Post Office and Pasir Gudang Post Office provided a special World Post Day cachets on postcards.

How was the response and celebration at your location?