Travelling Post Offices cancellations of Sarawak

I have written another article based on notes that I took at various sources both online, exhibitions and hardcopies of whatever that I come across. Thus if you are a specialist in the Travelling Post Offices (TPOs) of Sarawak and can lend me a hand to brush up this article, it will be acknowledged. I am trying to find out the dates when the TPOs were decommissioned. I vaguely remember reading they stopped the TPOs due to the frequent breakdown (road condition). It should be in the 1980s – however I lost that part of my notes. I believe there might be more than 15 TPOs as alluded by some articles that I vaguely remember.

I will not look for whatever Exhibition or FDC related to TPO to load in the coming months.

Meanwhile, if anyone in Sarawak or collector or Sarawak postal history who can shed light on the modern name of the places names in the article, I will be happy to update.



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