25 September 2018: Updated Malaysia Stamp Schedule

Here is the latest Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule. Note that Jit Sin High School Centenary stamp issue has been moved to be sold on 25 October 2018. The date of issue remains 09 October 2018.

Remember to update your calendar.


Next Issue: 09 October 2018 World Post Day

Next Issue: 09 October 2018 World Post Day

The next issue will be on World Post Day to be released on 09 October 2018.

This issue will feature cartoon caricatures of the postmen in action.

The items to be released are:

  1. 2 designs of stamps (60 sen and 80 sen)
  2. Imperforate Miniature Sheet RM 3.00
  3. Blank envelopes 50 sen
  4. Empty folder RM 6.00

Stay tuned for more information.


Next Issue: Date of Sale 18 September 2018 Malaysia Day

Next Issue: Date of Sale 18 September 2018 Malaysia Day

The next issue will be on Malaysia Day 2018 and will be on sale on 18 September 2018 since 16 and 17 September 2018 are Public Holidays.

This series features paintings by Mr Syed Thajuddin.

The issue will comprise of:

  1. 2 designs of 60 sen stamps that makes up the painting “Merdeka
  2. RM 5 Miniature Sheet with the painting Negaraku with UV special effect
  3. RM 6 empty folder


The designer is Mr KY Lim from Reign Associates.

14 September 2018: Media Preview

The GREAT news is the artist Mr Syed Thajuddin is slated to join the autograph session in the Philatelic Bureau (HQ) at about 10:00 am! This series is really a masterpiece!

The following are the quantities:

  1. Stamps: 200,000 pieces of each design
  2. MS: 25,000 pieces
  3. Blank envelopes: 25,000 pieces
  4. Empty folders: 1,800 pieces

The SODA order form was also released for the Four Nations Exhibition in Baliphex 2018. For the benefit of our readers, here is the order form (bringing you convenience as usual). Just print and fax over. Make sure you have enough in your account if you do a SODA deduction!

For the image of the overprint: checkout myfdc Malaysia FB.

Meanwhile, a last minute announcement of an overprint of the ETS issue was made. The overprint stamps are on sale in the International Banknote & Stamp Fair in 1st Avenue on the 8th Floor in Penang. A total of 5,000 pieces were printed, i.e. 250 sheets. News from the site was Pos Malaysia is selling 10 envelope per person but the stamps will be available at 02:00 pm after the launching. Each person was limited to buying 4 sets.

There will be 3 days of cancellations.



Updated: 03 September 2018 National Day Celebration

Updated: 03 September 2018 National Day Celebration

The next issue will be on sale on 03 September 2018. The official date of issue is still 31 August 2018. Thus it will be 3 days late since the post offices have not been open for any stamp issues during Public Holidays unlike the practice up to the 1980s.

This issue will comprise of the following:

  1. 60 sen stamp featuring Jalur Gemilang (the national flag)
  2. 60 sen stamp featuing the Kuala Lumpur City Centre skyline, Putrajaya, the Sarawak State Legislative Building (in Kuching) and the Sabah State Administrative Centre Building (in Kota Kinabalu)
  3. RM 5.00 Miniature Sheet with the National Day Celebration logo – Sayangi Malaysiaku (Love my Malaysia) with the emblems of all the states surrounding a die-cut love shape and a varnished logo
  4. RM 6.00 empty folder

Here is a suggestion: As we near the end of the #KirimanMerdeka free postage date of 31 August 2018, any remnant envelopes can easily be used to make a matching composite FDC with the stamps and MS.

Updated 27 August 2018:

The media preview was organized on 27 August 2018 following a flag off ceremony of Pos Malaysia vehicles with Jalur Gemilang.

During the media preview, the quantities provided are:

  1. Each stamp design – 200,000 pieces
  2. Miniature Sheet – 25,000 pieces
  3. Blank envelopes – 30,000 pieces
  4. Empty folders – 1,800 pieces

In addition, Encik Helmi Hashim, Chief Operating Officer Pos Mel, was on hand to explain the Kiriman Merdeka. There are only 2 designs (white and yellow). At present the Free Postage will still be 31 August. Thus this is the last week to send. A total of 550,000 pieces of both designs were printed.

Happy National Day!

Updated 04 September 2018:

Yesterday saw a better than average turnout. National Day issues continue to be popular. Many took the opportunity to make composite FDCs with both the stamps and MS on a single cover. There are many who used the #KirimanMerdeka envelopes to make FDCs. Incidentally the pictorial cancellation is 31 August 2018 which is the last day of use of the #KirimanMerdeka envelopes!

Mr KY Lim from Reign Associates was on hand to patiently autograph, I believe over a thousand envelopes, folders, leaflets, posters and many other items. The envelopes were very popular as the design can be kept for future use.

Mr KY Lim is also the designer for the 2018 Malaysia Day stamp issue to be sold on 18 September 2018 and is expected to be in the Philatelic Bureau Kuala Lumpur to autograph.

The KLCC and Putrajaya post offices were also well visited by FDC collectors as both these locations match the stamp design. Some made a bee line to Medan Tuanku and Jalan TAR. Jalan TAR is actually referring to DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Tuanku Abdul Rahman (similar to the Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman). Kota Kinabalu and Kuching are the other concordant (matching) location cancellations.


Return to Taiping

Return to Taiping

It was just a week ago that I was in Taiping. This time, I had to return. Except alone as my 2 other collectors were busy. There was not takers for my invitation to join this Philatelic tour.

The tour was almost scuttled by a serious accident near Slim River where 2 overturned lorries blocked 2 out of 3 lanes. The jam lasted almost an hour. This sunk my breakfast and lunch plans. To pass through Ipoh without savouring its delicious food is such a sin!

A brief stopover in Ipoh and the assistance of the Ipoh GPO saw me off to Taiping with everything ready. Taiping? Why?

Taiping was a major town in the colonial times. It has one of the earlist railway connections, the one stop Post and Telegraph Office (refer to last week’s coverage on the opening of the Telegraph Museum) and also the oldest museum in Malaysia! It dates back to 1883! This year the museum will celerate 135 years! Here is an advance information: There will be a celebration of sorts for the 135th anniversary of the Perak Museum. You heard it first from myfdc! Perhaps it is a good reason to buy up more stamps or the envelope?

I managed to send out 5 concordant postcards of the Perak Museum to 5 early email addresses. At least they read the instructions. The brief stop over was just as well as the drive back was plagued by incessant roadworks. This makes the drive back labourious. With one pit stop, it was time to wallow through the end of day traffic crawl. I made it to the KL Philatelic Bureau with 15 minutes to spare. I posted another 5 postcards for the readers. 6 actually, as I found a spare postcard. However, Mail Centre cancellation might be tomorrow’s as it was already the end of the day.

Meanwhile in Melaka, most headed to the tent for the special cancellation. Here is a photo of the tent (Photo credit to Pooi Kee with permission for usage).

For more photos, check out PERZIM’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/MelakaMuseum/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1424014081047141

Note: The designer, Mr Shahrul Izhar, was at the KL Philatelic Bureau this morning to autograph the products. Photo credit also to Pooi Kee with permission for usage.

Who are the 5 earliest emails for Taiping and Kuala Lumpur special cancellations?

In no particular order:

  1. Perak Museum concordant postcard with a little extra cancellation: S Pillai, Alan Tan, Lee Joo Hock, Wan Izlina Ibrahim and Aishah Binti Azman.
  2. National Museum concordant postcard: S Pillai, Lan Chun Yi, Isabella Xiao Fong, Chin Chooi Ling, Michael Ho and Terrance Selvin Pattu.

It should reach you by the end of the week (fingers crossed).

Many thanks for reading myfdc. We present information so that you can prepare your philatelic plans for each issue. We encourage the open sharing of information for the benefit of all collectors. Stay tuned for future issues and ad-hoc activities.

Oh, yeah, those struggling to find the email… hint…. Thoughts in A Warm Welcome to myfdc.




A Royal Launch at the Telegraph Museum

A Royal Launch at the Telegraph Museum

Taiping has always been a serene town with elegant historical buildings dotting the town centre. The morning was no different except that Taiping will receive a Royal visit to the Telegraph Museum.

The Telegraph Museum is located next to the current Taiping Post Office. The Telegraph Museum was the location of the first one stop Post and Telegraph services (including banking). This continued until the Post and the Telegraph section (Telecoms) went their own ways in 1946.

Thus today’s event – the officiating ceremony for the Telegraph Museum was sort of a throwback to the Post and Telegraph of 1974! Both the Pos Malaysia and Telekom Malaysia logos were on the stamp issue poster and on the tabs of the stamp sheets.

Pos Malaysia set up a booth at the road leading to the Telegraph Museum. The booth was just outside the entrance and is very prominent. Sales was brisk with Telekom Malaysia snapping up most of the folders and MS.

The booth was supported by Ipoh GPO with additional stocks and additional stocks from KL HQ.

Sales were extremely brisk in the morning with the empty folders and MS sold out before even the time of arrival of the VIPs in the morning. Many staff of Telekom Malaysia and collectors came to snap up the products.

The designer, En Shahrul Izhar from World Communications Network Resources also attended the event.

His Royal Highness the Sultan of Perak and consort arrived at about 10:00 am to grace the ceremony.

During the Telekom Malaysia montage, the stamp issue was introduced as part of the journey of Telekom Malaysia.

His Majesty then launched the Telegraph Museum.

The ceremony continued with His Majesty’s visit to the Telegraph Museum and concluded with lunch.

For further news of the event check out:

(1) https://www.tm.com.my/Newsroom/Pages/SULTAN-PERAK-LAUNCHES-TELEGRAPH-MUSEUM-IN-TAIPING.aspx

(2) https://www.facebook.com/pg/YayasanTM/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2219390854757170

Collectors, mainly from Perak (in particular Ipoh) and Penang were seen throughout the day. Each with their covers and many with their private postcards. I managed to complete my FDCs with the Taiping cancellations and the Telegraph Museum special launch cancellation plus En Shahrul’s autograph.

It was then time to explore Taiping before heading back to Kuala Lumpur.

myfdc wish to thank Pos Malaysia (HQ, Ipoh and Taiping), Telekom Malaysia, Yayasan Telekom Malaysia, PSM and friend who made this philatelic tour possible.

As I left Taiping, it was probably ironic I passed by the Perak Museum….. time to come back again next Monday, 23 July 2018!


Next issue: 16 July 2018 Telegraph Museum Taiping

Next issue: 16 July 2018 Telegraph Museum Taiping

The next issue is the Telegraph Museum in Taiping in collaboration with Telekom Malaysia (TM). This issue is in conjunction with the launching of the museum. The Telegraph Museum actually had a soft launch on 03 April 2018. The museum is located next to the Taiping Post Office. Thus the most concordant cancellation is from Taiping Post Office.

This issue will comprise of:

  1. 3 x 60 sen stamps (Transmitter Key, Receiver and Gutta Percha/Grinder Stone/Submarine Cable)
  2. RM 3 Miniature Sheet of the Museum
  3. 50 sen blank envelope
  4. RM 6 empty folder

A media preview was held by Puan Diyana Lean Abdullah, Head of the Stamp & Philately Unit of Pos Malaysia and En. Abd Hamid bin Hashim, Director of Yayasan Telekom Malaysia. The event was attended by the media and Philatelic Society of Malaysia.


  1. Stamps: 200,000 pieces of each design
  2. MS: 25,000 pieces
  3. Blank envelope: 28,000 pieces
  4. Empty folders: 1,700 pieces

The museum launch ceremony will be held in Telegraph Museum at 10:00 am on Monday (16 July 2018) to invited guests as a VVIP will be officiating the museum. The public will be allowed to visit the museum after the official opening ceremony.

The designer from World Communications Network Resources was invited to the opening ceremony as well as a representative to the Philatelic Bureau in Kuala Lumpur.


  1. This is the FIRST telegraph museum in Southeast Asia!
  2. The first  cable insulation from United Kingdom to Australia was insulated with the rubber from Gutta Percha tree!
  3. The Taiping Post and Telegraph Office which opened in 1885 was the first one-stop telegram, telephone, postal and banking facility in our country!
  4. The folder is perforated with the Morse Code!
  5. The back of the folder features the Morse Code.

Great new! All SODA holders will be able to receive the Taiping cancellation!