Your Say in 2024 Stamp Issues!

Last year, Pos Malaysia started to send out surveys to collect suggestions for the next cycle of stamp issues. I do wonder how many are actually executed. This year Pos Malaysia continued the process to collect suggestions! So what are you waiting for?

Here are the general terms and conditions:

1. The deadline for the Proposals is 07 June 2023.
2. The proposed theme and subject of the stamp must be specific and never been issued before.
3. Proposals must be related to Malaysia and be characterised by its uniqueness, treasures, nature that includes flora and fauna, history, art, culture, heritage, prominence or patriotism, traditional values, a significant anniversary of a historic institution and so on. . You are encouraged to suggest themes that have never been released before.
4. Proposals must not involve sensitive, religious, racial and political issues.
5. There is no guarantee that Proposals for a particular theme or issue will be selected because the number of stamp issues are limited each year.
6. Pos Malaysia reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to change, suspend, update and/or extend the collection period of this Offer and/or cancel/terminate it at any time without prior notice.
7. The Pos Malaysia reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to determine the theme it deems appropriate to be issued based on the stamp production guidelines, especially for the 2024 issue.
8. The Pos Malaysia’s decision is final.  Any complaints and inquiries will not be entertained.

All proposals must be in line with the MCMC Stamp Issuance Guidelines at

  1. Flora (Flowers)
  2. Fauna (Animals)
  3. The environment (rivers, landforms, etc.)
  4. Transportation / Vehicles
  5. Building
  6. Achievement
  7. Anniversary
  8. History
  9. Technology
  10. Clothes
  11. Prominence
  12. Important event
  13. Others: State your suggestion

You will need to put reasons for your suggestions, references and I think rather impractical – images of the proposed stamps!???!! With about 10 days to go… it seems like an academic exercise or for someone who already have the images ready.

Anyway, it is a good platform at least to have a say whether accepted or not.

Here is the link: