Welcome to the widely read site on the latest news on Malaysian First Day Covers and concordant cancellations!

I started this site to share on my collection of hard to find first day of issue cancellations from Malaysia (including from pre-independence). Thus not all issues are showcased here. I have loaded only selected issues with cancellations that relate to the event. The cancellations match the place of the event (some call this concordant cancellations).

In the early days, it is extremely difficult to obtain cancellations from the location related to the stamp issue. It took me over 20 years to hunt down some of the cancellations. I am still searching. Feel free to go through my gallery. Here are some highlights: Merdeka FDC signed by Tunku Abdul Rahman, ECAFE Conference cancellation, Kuantan Earth Satellite Station cancellation, Penang Free School special cover plus cachet and many more!

If you are also an avid collector of specialised cancellations from Malaysia, I would very much like to get in touch with you.

The items on this site are NOT for sale. They are my private collection.

How much is your FDC worth today?

That’s a tough question. I do not list any prices here as it will depend on the condition of the FDC, the cancellation and how rare is the stamp issue among other things. Drop me a “LEAVE A REPLY” if you want me to take a look at it.

I have also set up a current market guidance in each of the decade. Click on the decade, e.g. 1981 – 1990 to get the market guidance. This guidance is not exhaustive. You can get the FDCs at a much lower cost during a sale or you might need to pay more for really top condition FDCs.

Oh yes, that question: Why “myfdc”?

I chose the name “myfdc” to stand for Malaysia First Day Covers and also My First Day Covers.

Feel free to browse around and share your ideas and insights. I continue to update the website and will also post interesting news as it comes along. Come back every other day for new items or just “Follow”. So stick around!


Draft visuals are those I can find on the public domain online. I acknowledge that the original images are from the various postal authorities. Pictures on this site are taken by me and I appreciate an acknowledgement. Where the pictures are provided by other parties with their consent, the party concerned will be acknowledged (or if the party wishes to remain anonymous, I will indicate as such). No names will be published unless the party consented to the publication. Should there be any party who wishes to be acknowledged as the rightful owner of the image, just drop me a “LEAVE A REPLY”.

Bookmark http://www.myfdc.wordpress.com. You will not regret it! No spam, no random posts; just plain old professional news service with facts that you really want to know!


180 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome to myfdc!

  1. Hi
    I need a help to evaluate my late grandfather’s collections of FDC and Stamps. Do reach me at zero one nine – 2808438.

  2. I had some collection over 15 – 20 years.
    I want to sell,because my children not interested in keeping thes

    1. It really depends on the cover design. The official cover with Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh and JB postmarks are not worth much, maybe RM 60.00 excluding postage.

      The lesser seen designs fetches more. It also depends on the condition of your FDC.

      If you send me a photo to sky52200myfdc@gmail.com, I can have a look.

      Best Regards


  3. Hi. My 1st time collecting FDC or setem. Any guide to collect? Or link I can read on. I saw pos online selling those FDC 40++ ringgit. What the diff go queue and buy online. Thx bro.


  4. hi..i would like to sell my fdc in the middle 2001 until the end of year 2002.i dont know what price to be let go.can u help me to give a nice price n get a buyer for me .i know may be u have lot a contact

    1. Hi Hisham,

      2001 to 2002 is not really a hot year as there are plenty in the market. If you cancellation/chop is Kuala Lumpur, then it is even more common. It also depends on the condition. Typically around RM 5 each FDC except MS FDC which fetches around RM 8.

      I suggest trying to sell on Facebook or eBay Malaysia.


  5. Hello,
    Only asking here, in your opinion is there any people who are looking out for uncancelled miniature sheets or FDCs? As I have some FDCs in my possession which I planned to dispose since most of it in a bad condition. Mostly from 2002-2005.

    1. Hi Syed,

      It will be easier to dispose on Facebook or eBay. The years you listed are very common if the cancellation is Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh or Penang.


      1. Hi,
        Thanks for the reply. By ‘dispose’ I meant to either throw out or recycle since that FDC is in a very bad condition due to poor storage, and doubt that anyone will looking at either.

        By the way, any Facebook groups recommended as in your comment?

      2. You can always try. If the postmark is uncommon, someone will buy.

        For Malaysia related, “Malaysia First Day Cover” or “Malaysia Stamps Corner”.


  6. Hi. Anyone knows where to buy the plastic bags for FDC. Had search online stores like lazada, Shopee, eBay but couldn’t find the size of 4.5″ x 10″.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi! I still buy from International Stamp and Coin: https://www.facebook.com/isc.mal/

      There is also a stationery shop (Double Star Stationery) at 31, Jalan 14/20, Petaling Jaya. They sell in small packings and thus the price is higher. I usually buy my odd sizes here as I do not use that much.

      Hope this helps.


  7. Hi,

    I have a SODA account but I am unable to change the items that I want order (I want to cancel the miniature sheet order). Could you help advise on how to do that?


  8. First of all congratulations on keeping everyone updated on the new issues as well as the other info provided on your website.

    Do you also have stamps for sale?

    And if so do you have a lusting including price?



    1. I usually buy ftom International Stamp and Coin Sdn Bhd in Pertama Kompleks, Kuala Lumpur. They are on Facebook.

      Some bookshops sell, however they tend to be pricey. There are Facebook resellers as well.


    1. Good question! I did not measure as International Stamp and Coin sells the protective plastic that fits Malaysia and most other countries. You might need to take out a ruler 🙂


  9. I have some maxi collections of Malayan, Singapore Stamp & FDC what i wanted to sell. Do you have any idea who are dealer around that are interested?

  10. Hi!
    My late grandfather had been collecting FDCs since the 1940s… seriously added to his collection as he got older. In any case, he’s now passed on and my generation is tasked with trying to shift these as we’re not in to this at all. Would you be able to advise me on where I should go to get these valued and/or sold? Your site is really helpful in letting me get a rough idea of worth…


  11. What do you mean by cancellation? Can it be selled? I have around 100 plus various first day covers and would like to sell all of it… Could you please help me out. Thanks.

    1. Thank Geraldine! I just received the photo by another ASEAN collector. It is wonderful so many stepping up to share. Heart warming with a smile!


    1. Hi,

      My email is written on this site. Feel free to send me photos of the POSTMARK. If the covers are before 1960, they will have good value. Anything from 16 September 1963 onwards, I have documented until 2005. It is still work in progress.


    1. Hi!

      Mint: A fresh Miniature Sheet with gum intact and no postmark / cancellation

      CTO: A postmark / cancellation is applied on the MINT MS. CTO is not popular nowadays.

      Hope the above helps.


      1. Thanks for the info.

        Sorry to ask. still a bit confused. The last time I ordered malaysia fdc was almost 20 years ago. There is one more question

        The mint will be a miniature sheet first day cover? or just a miniature sheet alone?

        I prefer a miniature sheet first day cover, kindly advise which one should I order MINT or CTO


      2. It is Miniature Sheet.

        The FDC is marked as SSHP (Sampul Surat Hari Pertama) Lembaran Mini.

        I do not know how the forms are structured now, having opened my account decades back.

        It might be worthwhile to telephone the Philatelic Bureau. They are very helpful.


  12. Hi,

    In your opinion, generally what is the best way to pack and send FDCs or other philately items for shipping? Planning to ship some but not sure about the damage and security during shipping.

    1. It is usually the best practice to put 2 sturdy cardboard (front and back) to protect FDC. The size should be slightly larger than the FDC so that in case the envelope is accidentally dropped, the edged are protected. Then put inside a plastic to protect from rain.

      Send by registered mail to be secure.


  13. I have an FDC that was issued on the day Malaysian Airline System made its first flight as MAS. It was on 1 Oct 1972 and it was stamped both in “Kuala Lumpur, Selangor” and in Bangkok where the plane landed. I cannot seem to find the indicative value for this item. I also have the subsequent year’s issue stamped on 1 Oct 1973 which is listed in your list in this blog. I am willing to offer both items for sale to any interested party.

  14. Hi there! My dad has a box of old stamps & a lot of copies of 1st day covers of M’sia & S’pore. Was hoping if you could probably share with me if there is any where that I can sell off these stamps & 1st day covers.

    1. Sorry for the delayed reply. I was out the whole day on a philatelic adventure. I have replied via Facebook myfdc. Once the pictures of the FDCs are available, I can give you an assessment. Do take as many (FDCs of Malaysia and Singapore) as possible and email to sky52200myfdc@gmail.com

      I will not be able to help on foreign FDCs as it is not my area of study and there is very low demand in Malaysia for the common items.


  15. Hi, sorry to bother you again with my problem with filately pos malaysia.
    Since october 2020 I did not get any answer to my question when I should expect the soda akaun deliveries of the stamps missing since february 2020. can you help me and find out one of the ‘in charge’ person to contact. Even the pos malaysia chat on their website is more than embaresing. It is a pity that customer service mght not be present there. Would be great if somebody could help me, since it is allready very difficult to collect the Malaysia issues in Germany and I hope not that because of the Soda peoples I have to end collecting. Would be a pity for somebody once elected in the illustrous circle of “friends of Malaysia” by the former Minister of Industry.
    Feel a bit helpless
    kind regards

    1. Hello Hubert,

      It seems that the Pos Malaysia international mail has not seen signs of reopening. I recently received a notice from the Hong Kong Philatelic Bureau that they also had to suspend mail to Malaysia due to non-availability of postal flights.

      However, expensive courier is still available but not a viable option for philately.

      The contacts I provided previously are still the right persons.

      It is a very difficult state of things and many of my overseas friends are exasperated too.

      I can only hope things can recover sooner.


  16. Hi. Would like to ask for the upcoming frontliner FDC, is there any signing session available at Pejabat Pos HQ KL?

    1. Hi, It might be too early as the issue date has yet to be reconfirmed. In addition, there has not been a resumption of autograph sessions due to the COVID-19 situation to avoid crowds.


      1. Usually Pos Malaysia will reconfirm at the last minute if the date still stands. This has been the norm these few years.


  17. Anybody has MFDC 1 – General issue May 5th 1957 at a reasonable price for sale? Attempting to complete my collection.

  18. Hi, I have tons of Malaya and Malaysia washed stamps (is that what you call stamps that have been removed from envelops). National series and series of the various states. Are they of value? Can I sell them?

    1. Well they should have value. I am more into FDCs so I am out of touch with used stamps. Try checking the “International Stamp and Coin Agency” Catalogue for the estimated value.


    1. The easiest way would be to contact the Philatelic Bureau at http://www.pos.com.my

      Keeping the first day covers safely is a good way to ensure it will not deteriorate. Value is subjective and depends on supply and demand. A rare item might have no demamd thus might not attract a hood value. On the reverse a common item but high demand could attract a high value.


      1. Hi Manesh, I rarely evaluate cover anymore as many just take advantage of my time. For private design covers which you sent, the price is very subjective.


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