SODA Order from for INDONESIA 2022 and MAHA 2022 sets

Pos Malaysia has also released an order from for:

  1. A set of INDONESIA 2022 World Stamp Championship overprint stamp sheet and commemorative cover at RM 32.00.
  2.  A set of MAHA 2022 overprint MS set of 2 and commemorative cover set of 2 at RM 21.00.

Here is the order form, just right click and print. This is the best resolution that I received. Important thing is that you have sufficient balance in your SODA. Just email the form or fax over.

The closing date is 09 September 2022.



2 thoughts on “SODA Order from for INDONESIA 2022 and MAHA 2022 sets

  1. Welcome!
    I am Sándor Nagy from Hungary. (Europa)
    I am interested in how I can buy stamps online.
    Greetings from Hungary!
    Sándor Nagy

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