04 August 2022: Indonesia 2022 Overprint Stamp Traditional Boats

A nice surprise as Pos Malaysia supports Indonesia 2022 World Stamp Championship with the RM 1.50 Overprint on the Traditional Boats Perahu Bajau stamp! The colour is deeper and the horizontal perforations run across the margins (unlike the original that does not have performations running through the margins).

Due to a rush in lunch time, I put up a quick broadcast announcement on myfdc Malaysia Facebook. It would be useful for you to also to follow the Facebook page for any urgent announcements as it takes a bit of navigation to load and publish on a website.

Here is the simple Exhibition Cover that I made with both the original stamp and Overprint Stamp.

Here is how you can buy it:

  1. In person at the Philatelic Sales Counter at the hall of the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office in Dayabumi.
  2. Wait for I believe the SODA order form.

Then proceed to the Philatelic Bureau HQ to apply the cachet! You do need to press harder as the rubber needs a bit more ink to show the image clearly.

No rush, there is time to buy and put on the cachet. If you are not able to do it and want the same, just message me.