The release of the Overprints in the Kuala Lumpur Philatelic Bureau Headquarters

05 September 2022 was a surprising day when the overprints are sold in the Pos Shop inside the General Post Office. The Tallest Tree Overprint was available for sale in the shop. In addition, collectors that so happened to visit the various Philatelic Bureau Branches reported that the folders were on sale! It was a great move as the initial information was that the folders were sold online.

There was no special cancellation, thus I had to make do with the first day of sale normal cancel.

I wanted to put the overprint with the original side by side and the lesson is keep your old envelopes! They always come in handy!

A bonus was the MAHA overprint Miniature Sheets were also on sale! Finally I completed by concordant covers after a long delay!

The online orders have already arrived for those who ordered earlier, thus you should be getting them soon or you can head over to the Philatelic Bureau in Kuala Lumpur to make your MAHA covers.