Coincidence that the 2nd PSM Stamp Fair and the Next Issue Date on Leisure Activities are on the same date?

Keep next weekend FREE!

So for those who have a keen eye, the next Philatelic Society of Malaysia Stamp Fair and Leisure Activities stamp issue are supposed to be on the same date………………….. 10 December 2022. Coincidence?

Well, the conjunctions of the stars, moon and sun hinted that it was no mere coincidence….

PSM is 75 Years young this year (having been founded in 1947!). A look back in 1997, Pos Malaysia issued a 50 Years of Organised Philately to commemorate PSM’s Golden Jubilee and also MALPEX 1997! Here is the throw back!

So this time, something is planned to be released in the Petaling Jaya Community Library. Rumour on the ground is that an overprint MS will be coming out which sounds even greater! I need to dig my old envelopes to match the MS!

It will also not be the first time that Pos Malaysia released stamps in the PJ Community Library. Here is another throwback, this time to 2004:

Hopefully Pos Malaysia will remember to bring more stocks and at least 2 check-out cash register (and do test out the data connection first thing in the morning BEFORE the fair opens)! There should be a 3rd counter for sale of older products.

Perhaps PSM can then turn part of their table into a postmarking table (with at least 2 cops from Pos Malaysia just like in Philatelic Bureau HQ KL).

This will reduce crowding and ease sale of items and postmarking.

Hopefully to increase interest PSM can also provide a cachet and private covers??? Hmm….and postcards for the maxicard collectors I guess….

It will be an awesome Stamp Weekend!

Here is the last Stamp Fair:

Details of the Stamp Fair:

Date: 10 – 11 December 2022 (Saturday and Sunday)

Time: 09:30 am to 05:30 pm

Here is the location:

Tip: Do come to the Stamp Fair, you will not be disappointed unless there is a 12th hour change.

If you want me to pass you past concordant covers or want me to bring any, just email me. See you at the fair (both days! Hint-hint!).





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