08 September 2022: Latest Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule Programme

Right, I found my kebaya clothes… maybe on 27 October 2022….. Since there are 2 issues in October 2022… I think another nice aspiration.

There is a surprising Recycling stamp issue (Kitar Semula) and 100 Years of Sultan Idris Universiry of Education (UPSI)!

UPSI’s anniversary is actually on 29 November 2022. So I guess that is one philatelic adventure that is possible but then let us wait nearer the date. Meanwhile, there are a lot of souvenirs for sale via their official UPSI Shopee! Brilliant! https://shopee.com.my/uhsb.os?categoryId=100009&itemId=11733918422

For the history of 100 Years of UPSI check out: https://100tahun.upsi.edu.my/