A Concordant Journey of a Century of Educating an Enlightened Genteel Educator

Due to various personal reasons, I have not had the opportunity to embark on another philatelic adventure. Since this stamp issue comprises of only a single stamp, it was not such a burden.

The usual challenge of last minute annual leave was a headache, with no firm schedule (tentative until it is released is not a firm schedule), concordancy is becoming a rarity of Touch and Go (pun intended for the long drive!).

Thus the trip to Tanjung Malim was done rather late in the morning with fingers crossed as the notice from Pos Malaysia to the various post office was that the stamps will be on sale from 02:30 pm on 30 November 2022 and that only the Philatelic Bureau HQ in Kuala Lumpur will begin sellin from 08:30 am.

I arrived to a rather empty counter, not that I am complaining as I needed to be fast, and the staff is as friendly and patient as ever. I salute the lean team for being able to pull off so many issues.

Have wrapped everything up, it was time to head over to Tanjung Malim. Had it been early morning I would have taken the scenic drive via Rawang – Serendah – Kuala Kubu Bharu into Tanjung Malim but I am pressed for time.

A PLUS point then to head off via the Expressway:

There is a nice exhibition inside the Chancellery of the history and a special exhibition of the Royal Institution:

The original building is now the National Education Museum:

To complete the First Day Cover, it is the highlight to visit the Tanjung Malim Post Office:

With the final concordant creation completed, it was time to head over to Yik Mun for some coffee and Tanjong Malim Pau!








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