A Full Tour of Kuala Lumpur City Philatelic Branches in Video!

Right! You have “read” the epic adventure! Join me in my amateurish Youtube video. Yes like all the foreigners who holiday in Malaysia proclaiming “MY FIRST TIME eating Nasi Lemak!” to get the 100K view, I am doing “MY FIRST TIME trying to record a Philatelic Tour”! There you go… maybe 10 views? Hmm… I have 1.5K subscribers here…. so I think 10 views is doable!

Ok the cliche : Subscribe, Like and Share! No worries, only philatelic news!

Anyway, do give me your thoughts. My main objective is to finish off my concordant FDC and not make videos but then it might make others interested in joining the concordant excitement and maybe make more covers for all of us!

Here it is: https://youtu.be/4pYXS61Bp3M

Thank you all for watching!