Track on 8 New Label is released

News from Ipoh has it that the Track on 8 new registration label was put on sale on 02 March 2020. This might be the first time used in Malaysia.

The Track on 8 image is used with permission and courtesy of Mr KK Khor and all rights belong to KK Khor. Please acknowledge the source if you choose to republish his image.

Surprisingly the label has a December 2019 date which meant that the label and tariff could have been foreseen earlier.

What are “Track on … “?

The “Track on … ” are a series of registration labels for specific uses. The domestic registration label has a “60 sen” postage rate built into the price.

Here are some “Track on …” (click on link to see the current image)

  1. Track on 1 (RD – red): the current domestic registration label
  2. Track on 2 (RR – blue): the international registration label
  3. Track on 7 (RA – yellow):  the domestic registration with AR card
  4. Track on 8 (RY – black): the new domestic registration label

Have you seen Track on 8 in your location yet? Appreciate an update from your location so that I can update the various dates of release.

Hmmm….. quiz…. what are the missing “Tracks on …” not on my list.

Hint: Not for sale, official use only…. and you do not want the pink track…..



4 thoughts on “Track on 8 New Label is released

  1. track on 4 ( green ) was labeled as URUSAN POS .
    it was used as registered label to send out SODA consignments.
    i have quite a few of it both design A and B

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