Welcome to the widely read site on the latest news on Malaysian First Day Covers and concordant cancellations!

I started this site to share on my collection of hard to find first day of issue cancellations from Malaysia (including from pre-independence). Thus not all issues are showcased here. I have loaded only selected issues with cancellations that relate to the event. The cancellations match the place of the event (some call this concordant cancellations).

In the early days, it is extremely difficult to obtain cancellations from the location related to the stamp issue. It took me over 20 years to hunt down some of the cancellations. I am still searching. Feel free to go through my gallery. Here are some highlights: Merdeka FDC signed by Tunku Abdul Rahman, ECAFE Conference cancellation, Kuantan Earth Satellite Station cancellation, Penang Free School special cover plus cachet and many more!

If you are also an avid collector of specialised cancellations from Malaysia, I would very much like to get in touch with you.

The items on this site are NOT for sale. They are my private collection.

How much is your FDC worth today?

That’s a tough question. I do not list any prices here as it will depend on the condition of the FDC, the cancellation and how rare is the stamp issue among other things. Drop me a “LEAVE A REPLY” if you want me to take a look at it.

I have also set up a current market guidance in each of the decade. Click on the decade, e.g. 1981 – 1990 to get the market guidance. This guidance is not exhaustive. You can get the FDCs at a much lower cost during a sale or you might need to pay more for really top condition FDCs.

Oh yes, that question: Why “myfdc”?

I chose the name “myfdc” to stand for Malaysia First Day Covers and also My First Day Covers.

Feel free to browse around and share your ideas and insights. I continue to update the website and will also post interesting news as it comes along. Come back every other day for new items or just “Follow”. So stick around!


Draft visuals are those I can find on the public domain online. I acknowledge that the original images are from the various postal authorities. Pictures on this site are taken by me and I appreciate an acknowledgement. Where the pictures are provided by other parties with their consent, the party concerned will be acknowledged (or if the party wishes to remain anonymous, I will indicate as such). No names will be published unless the party consented to the publication. Should there be any party who wishes to be acknowledged as the rightful owner of the image, just drop me a “LEAVE A REPLY”.

Bookmark http://www.myfdc.wordpress.com. You will not regret it! No spam, no random posts; just plain old professional news service with facts that you really want to know!


180 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome to myfdc!

    1. Hello Green Tea! Thanks for dropping by. I enjoyed your site’s display of your covers. I could not post comments there and can only select anonymous. Anyway, I added your site to my list of “Other Specialists”.


      1. Hi, actually it is not just the chop, the envelope type, condition and significance of the address determines the final market price.
        1. The private first day cover envelopes are a craze right now as many collectors are willing to pay above RM 100.00 for the FDC.
        2. Other, like me, tend to go for the postmark, thus items from the East Coast and Singapore will be sought after.
        3. The final thing is the affordability. There are some really rare items out there but if no one is able to pay the price you want, there will be no deal.

        Best is to show your covers (front and back) and I can probably give you a fair valuation.


  1. Hi sky52200.

    Thanks for dropping my site.
    I also like to collect fdc with special postmark/cancellation but i only few of them. normally will costly a bit compare to normal one but it rare a bit la.. so it come with the price.

    you have a excellent collections .. i like the merdeka fdc with tunku rahman signature.. very nice..

    Green Tea.

    1. Thanks! I love your collection of old FDCs! I had a hard time looking for them nowadays (Malaya, North Borneo and Sarawak). I have not completed my site and hope to be able to share more next time. Do post more in your site, I will continue to visit your site.


  2. Hi there!!

    I’m Austin and I do share the same interest as you. I can see, you have many nice cancels! There are some really interesting cancellations I’ve found on FDC..

    As a teaser, have you seen the cancellation for Colombo Plan Conference? 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hello Austin!

      Yes I am excited on your information!!! If you can share the Colombo Plan Conference FDC picture with me at sky52200myfdc@gmail.com, I will be very happy (I will be very anxious to look for it!). Better still if you allow me to post here. Credit will be provided for the source of the pictures.

      Thanks for visiting!


  3. Hi there

    I have a number of Malaysia 1957 Merdeka FDCs as well some 1957 “Malaya new Pictorial Postage Stamp” FDCs and others.Im not an avid collector and i kind of inherited these from the family. Would you be able to help me shed some light on it rarity/collectibility and value? Pls let me know your contact for me to send some pics if you are able to help. Thx

  4. hi I have complete fdc dating from 1968 to 2010. all are immaculate condition in original folders . excellent condition . I am looking to sell the whole lot. can you advise me as to how much and possibly who would like to buy this amazing set, thank you can u email me on (email removed for privacy) .

  5. Hi there,
    Would like to know do you have any idea how many souvenir covers been issued by Pos Malaysia so far? Appreciate for your answer.

    1. Hi,

      It is a difficult question as Pos Malaysia did not provide an issue programme. In the early days, most of the souvenir covers were tied to opening of post offices and scout jamborees. Later it commemorates events and transformed into Prestampsed Envelopes (PSEs).

      I have a decent list here: https://myfdc.wordpress.com/souvenir-covers/

      I am missing many of the opening of new post offices around Malaysia as I was not following at that time.

      Note: You can ignore the private souvenir covers if you are focused on Pos Malaysia only.

      Hope this helps.


  6. Hi sir
    Congratulation on your myfdc website.
    It’s superb.
    I also have some very unique My fdc and would like to share or exchange with you.
    I am also an eBay seller
    My I’d chawsm
    Can we meet?
    Thank you
    Simon chaw

  7. Hi sir
    The SM Stamps Malaysia catalogue is to be realise on 13.11.2013
    It can be obtain at the stamp week Berjaya Times Square or from
    Your favourite stamp dealer.

    I would like to hand you a copy ya?

    Or can visit my shop

    Thank you

  8. Dear sir
    My 2014 SM Malaysia stamp catalogue
    Finally launch
    Can I meet you and hand a copy to you?
    Or maybe tomorrow morning in Berjaya
    Times Square?

    Or at my shop

    See you

    1. Hi Simon,

      Thanks for the offer. I would prefer to pay for a copy to maintain my neutrality. myfdc should just be a site for sharing special cancellations / postmarks / date stamps / markings.


  9. Where might I find a photo list of all Merdeka covers I am particulary interested in the Merdeka with three people with arms linked appear under the flag.

    1. Hi Robert,

      Thank you for the interest. Here is a page where I managed to take photos of the various private covers issued for Merdeka Day back in 1957. https://myfdc.wordpress.com/2013/08/26/56-years-of-merdeka-and-50-years-of-malaysia/

      The cover you are referring to should be on this picture: https://myfdc.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/img_2186.jpg?w=640&h=480

      The cover comes out frequently in the market and is trading at about USD 30 – USD 45 range. There is always a bargain somewhere if you keep an eye out for it.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Thanks a lot… do u have any others way to communicate because I really wish to learn a lot thing from you… ^^

  10. Do you know this FDC -> Malaysian Currency – Date of issue 18-Jan-2010

    Did you see this FDC got come with real coin ?

    1. Yes there are PNCs (Philatelic Numismatic Covers) made by dealers. Punch a hole and put a coin holder with the coin to the cover.

      There are many other covers that was added with a coin to make PNCs.


    1. This site is dedicated to the cancellations that is related to the stamp or topic. Sometime the cancels are normal but I collect the area as it is relate to what is being issued. E.g. In the Malay Folk Stories, Pejabat Pos Mini (PPM) Jalan Hang Tuah Melaka is a desired cancellation even though it is only the normal circular metal type.


  11. Hi.,I’m from India.I am a collector of Joint Stamp Issues..I look for the Malaysian Version of the Hong Kong Joint Issue as Mixed FDC issued Pos Malaysia…When it’ll be released??Any ideas??

      1. I know friend,,But with a very little knowledge on Pos Malaysia Stamps on Joint Issues,,They issue these Mixed FDC kind only after 2 Months…I got in Hands the previous Malaysia-Indonesia Joint issue after 4 Months and Korean Joint Issue after 3 Months..I’m hunting for some one who could peek with Pos Malaysia Personalities about this!!

  12. I lived in Singapore as a child and have a few first day covers which are on your website and I wondered if you would be interested in them. I have the 1963 Malaysia cover, the 12th October Orchid conference, a Malaysia cover with one stamp 26th October 1963, the Bangunan Parlimen commonwealth cover, the South East Asia Cultural Festival 8th August 1963.These were all bought by myself or my mother and have our RAF Changi address on them. They have been stored in a First Day Cover album.

  13. Hi. I collected a lot of Malaysia FDC from year 2000 onwards and I would like to sell them now to someone who will cherish it. Kindly email me if you are interested. Thank you.

    1. Hi, im interested on those issued from 2006 onwards. which issue you willing to sell and how much

      1. Hi! The items on this website is my personal collection. My spares are sold on eBay seller ID sky52200 and myfdc52200. I combine FDCs from both IDs into one flat registered postage charge of RM 3.50 and folders at RM 4.50. I have periodic sales as well. I am not a dealer thus I make very few sets as spares. Hope this helps.


  14. May i know the upcoming issue joint issue with thailand, where can i buy the thailand stamps? thank you very much.

    1. I have put up 3 options in the posting “Something Fishy After the Call”. One of them is to order directly with Thailand Post. The link is provided in the article.


  15. Hi, my dad start collecting stamps and FDC since 1970+. Now we have move to Singapore, and stop collecting. I plan to buy annual album 2012-2014 for him. May I know is there any pos Malaysia website selling past issue? Or can I buy them at JB post office?

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by. I am not sure about JB. However Jalan Laksamana, Melaka post office has ample stocks. 2013 is easy to find. I think 2012 is available. There were no albums in 2014. 2015 issue programme has just ended and usually annual albums are released the next year. The POSTME online shop previously only accept Malaysia address.

      If you want 2013, I can pick up a copy at Face Value and charge additional for the actual registered postage charge. It is expensive to ship out of Malaysia as the album is heavy.

      I can be reached at sky52200myfdc@gmail.com


  16. Hi Sky,

    GOod days,Great Blog! 😀

    I collected a lot of Malaysia FDC from year 2000 onwards, like Proton, KL Tower and many.
    I would like to sell them now since i shifted to KL, and not longer collect FDC ><.

    1. Hi,

      Here are some options:
      1. Sell via eBay.com.my – no fees, hassle free and more serious buyers.
      2. Sell via FB – quick and simple, however far too many non-paying “buyers”.

      I do take in some covers and if you have a pricing and photos, just email to me at sky52200myfdc@gmail.com.

      Thank you for reading!


  17. Sir, yik mann here, can i know you can get the Numismatic reference Banknotes and Coins 8th edition book by K. N. Boon ? I would like to buy it.

  18. Dear sky52200,

    I am Dr. Ataul Quadir from Bangladesh. It is nice to know about your site. I am a new collector of Malaysia & trying to collect each complete year. I have opened a SODA account around 7 months back because without opening SODA account post office do not sell special issues. But I never got the Special order form from the post office. For example before seeing your site, I never knew there were special issues like 2016 Exhibition Overprint Miniature Sheets, cented Flowers and National Laureates Unissued Setenant Strip, Johor and Perak State Definitive etc. How can I order them from Malaysia post? I would be happy to be contacted with you through Facebook if you don’t mind.
    My facebook Id: Ataul Quadir Rubaiyat

    Thanks & I would be happy with any of your reply.



    1. Hi Dr. Ataul,

      I was not aware that the special order forms were not sent out. I the special unissued setenants were balloted as the order is higher than the stocks. Thus the bureau is unlikely to have excess stocks.

      The Thailand 2016 overprint MS should still be available with the bureau.

      I have spares of the Scented Flowers and National Laureates.


  19. Hi, I was living in KL in 1957 and collected 4 stamps from each State on first Day Cover envelopes: Negri Sembilan, Perlis, Kelantan, Perak, Penang, Trengaganu, Selangor, Kedah and Pahang. All in mint condition. Would you be good enough to give me an idea of their value? and how to sell them (and othe FDCovers from the same period? Hope to hear from you. Chris

    1. Hi Christine,

      Happy New Year!

      It depends on which 4 stamps that you have on FDC and the postmark. If the stamps are affixed onto the envelope without a first day postmark, it will erode the market price to ….. usually below used stamps. Complete sets command a very high premium today.

      eBay is still the most common platform with a wider reach. Check out similar cover prices by using the search term “Malaya 1957” and set the Category to Stamps. That should give you an idea of the asking price in the market.

      If you need further assistance or you want me to have a look at the covers, just email me at sky52200myfdc@gmail.com


  20. Hi! just started following back collecting fdcs after over 10 years!
    Wanna ask about my old fdcs are turning yellowish/ spot, they’re kept in fdc album, inside a drawer. is there a better way to keep them? Thanks! like your blog!

    1. Welcome back! Better to seal the FDCs when it is fresh into OPP plastic – usually found in bookshops or online sellers. Then put into the First Day Cover albums found in post offices or bookshops.

      The low cost way is to put desiccants or wrap with newspaper. This will reduce moisture that causes the yellowing (toning).

      Hope the above helps.


  21. Hi I am a retired 69 years old guy who had been collecting First Day Covers for 30 to 40 years mainly from Malaysia, Singapore and several other countries. I am keen to dispose of the entire collection Please advise on how to sell and contact me. Terima kasih. The prices can be eally attractive.

    1. Ia bergantung kepada kondisi, cap tarikh dan jenis sampul surat. Untuk sampul surat keluaran Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pos, harganya kira-kira RM 60 – RM 90. Untuk sampul surat yang jarang kelihatan mungkin diantara RM 150 – RM 500.

      It depends on the condition, location of the cancellation and type of envelope. For the official Postal Department envelope, the price is about RM 60 – RM 90. For the rarely seen envelopes, the range can be between RM 150 – RM 500.


  22. My late father in law was an avid collector. He left a few boxes of his collections. I am not sure if they are of any value.
    If you can tell me the most sought after fdc, I will try to search for them.

    1. Hi En. Othman,

      Thanks for writing in. This is a very complex question. It is simple with a photo but difficult in words.

      The FDCs from the pre-independence, and post independence to 1970s are the most sought after. Of course of particular high demand are the Merdeka, Formation of Malaysia, Earth Satellite Station, Birds High Value Definitive, Butterfly High Value Definitive and the 1980s Animals High Value Definitive. These are just the few highlights. The cancellation and type of envelope will also affect the price. Some sought after cancellations are shown in this website. The privately issued envelopes by the dealers can fetch prices higher than the officially issued envelopes. The combination can be staggering. If you want to send me pictures, I can advise the gems in your collection. My email is: sky52200myfdc@gmail.com


    1. Hi,

      If you can send me clear photos of the items, I can give you a fair idea what they are worth at the moment. Please restrict to only Malaya, Singapore under Malaya, Malaysia, North Borneo and Sarawak covers. I do not evaluate stamps.

      My email is sky52200myfdc@gmail.com


  23. May i know how to protect sheetlet stamp? I have some collections, with different sizes (bigger than A4 size )
    At the moment now, i keep it in roll form and store it. Any album book in the market that can keep this type of sheetlet…



    1. Hi KC,

      There is an A3 clear folder (most common by CBE) that can keep larger sheetlets. These clear holders are sold in bookshops. Do keep your sheetlets in plastic before placing inside the clear folder as the divider paper can easily become toned and affect the sheetlets.

      However, extremely large sheets cannot be kept in A3 and I keep in a large plastic with a cut out backing board. My really large sheets are still kept in roll format.

      Wrap newspaper around your roll and cardboard cut out. That will help to absorb humidity.

      Hope the above helps.


  24. Hi there! I’m really thrilled to read your website. I don’t collect fdc, just stamps, which only the stamps that look pretty (I don’t collect everything as it’s hard for me to go to the post office and postman can’t reach my house as it’s very kampung area). I don’t know much about fdc and even wondering why people collect it. But looking at your collection makes me understand how satisfying it is to have the first day cover and cancel it with such unique cancellation marks. It’s awesome! I don’t think I can keep up to collect fdc as I live in rural area so it’s hard for me to go to the post office, and of course- to get those pretty cancellation marks. So all I can say is keep posting your fdc! I enjoy looking at it! Thanks for educating me with what is fdc 😀

    1. Hi Liya,

      Thanks for reading and finding it informative. I started with stamps (and I suspect almost all collectors start from stamps).

      It is important to collect in your area of interest to build a cohesive “look”.

      Drop me a note on any suggestions for improvements.

      Thank you.


  25. Hi admin, I’m new… just bought fdc KITAJUARA after read your website. May I know where can I chop unique cancellation marks for the fdc?

    1. Hi Derek,

      Thanks for reading myfdc. It might be a bit late as many of the special cancellations are kept away in the Klang Valley after the first day of issue. Use SEARCH and type Philatelic Bureau and a list of Philatelic Bureau branches with special cancellations will be shown.


    1. Hi,

      “v” is the shortform for variety or type. So in an issue with 3 different types of designs in a set, it is written as 3v.

      “MNH” is short for Mint Never Hinged. In the old days, stamps are stuck with a paper sticker called hinge. This hinged stamp is then stuck onto album pages. Thus the stamp could be mint but has a hinge. This type is called Mint Hinged or “MH”.

      As a general guide, hinged mint stamps are worth considerably less than mint never hinged.


  26. Hi, this is a wonderful blog. Please keep it up. I still love stamps, unfortunately I can’t spend as much time on them anymore. But I am still keeping my collection, I just don’t have the heart to part with them.

    1. Thanks for reading. Do keep your collection. You never know when you might return to them. At some point in time, I did stop collecting. I returned years later.


  27. Hello sir, nice to meet you here. I have some old FDC which I collected 30-40 years ago. How can I check the current value?
    Best regards, Alex

  28. Hi!
    Thanks so much for publishing information on Malaysia’s first day covers. I only started seriously collecting at the start of 2018. I like collecting the folder set with stamped and mint issues. Am curious when was the first folder set issued? That way I know where to start my folder set collecting.


    1. Thank you for reading myfdc. My area of focus is concordant FDCs. I do not collect folders but it could be the 2002 Kebaya Nyonya issue when the folder first came out.


  29. where can I buy the FDC protective sleeves? Last time I purchased it from a guy in Penang through mudah.com. But I lost his number as my phone was stolen.

    1. I bought my supplies from International Stamp and Coins in Kuala Lumpur. I think there are a number of Facebook resellers.

      Since I still have stocks, I have not explored any new sources.


  30. Hi, do you know when is the media preview of the next stamp issue “medicinal plants series 4”?

    1. It has been rather quite. I think Pos Malaysia will hardly have time to organise the media preview. Let’s wait for their announcement.


  31. Hi, I have a stack of old first day covers that I would like to sell.
    Do you know who or where I can approach to get them sold?

    1. Hi Chan,

      I will be interested if they are Malaysia (before 1980), Malaya or similar.

      Prices are better on eBay.com.my than Facebook but Facebook is faster. Check out the various stamp groups on FB.


      1. Hi,

        I have fdc from 1970 onwards. Which year and month in particular are you looking for?

      2. Yes. The chop must match the stamp. E.g. Penang Free School, the chop should be Penang. So if it is KL, it is just a normal FDC, thus I will not be interested.

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