Real start of Stamp Week Leisure Activities and Conclusion of Stamp Fair and 75th Anniversary (Diamond Jubilee) of the Philatelic Society Malaysia (PSM)

It was a happy ending today as everyone who could make it came to finish off their copping! I was beginning to think the hobby has grown more violent with so many coming to cop! Certainly qualify as a human resource manager or financial controller with the ability to cop!

By and large it was a much lauded event since we have not had a stamp “event” with Pos Malaysia anchoring in a fair for quite some time. It was fun to meet all those who could come and many new faces that we only meet in Facebook (FB). Okie, the photos can be found across FB and it shows how much we really needed to gather for a philatelic event. Many thanks and congratulations to the Philatelic Society Malaysia for providing the avenue to make the Stamp Fair even more fun Stamp Weekend! I suppose a Stamp Weekend is less taxing or stressful. Even though it is short but effective. Perhaps time to rethink the engagement strategy.

Here is a video of the first day.

Day 2 was more to complete the cancellations. More new faces came and hmmm… the postcard group was in full force! I was thinking if it is to satisfy both maxicard and postcard enthusiasts, why not just make both sides of the card non-glossy so that everyone can be happy to cop where they want? We can even have a maxipostcard (i.e. a maxicard posted as a postcard!!!).

Here is the video of the second day just after the PSM auction has ended.

myfdc’s Youtube version also gained 2 subscribers!!! Wow! I must be doing a fantastic job! I am trying to reach 50 subscribers in order to be able to try out the livestream option on handphone. So… I guess another 30 Stamp Fairs (about 7 plus years…) I will cross 50!

Meanwhile, the break in the 10 December 2022 evening enabled me to try and figure out how to reposition the tabs and make a composite FDC! Here are my creations:

Let me sort out first to see if any spares, it was pretty hurried to stick and stack everything to cop!

The PSM cover, has been added with the Stamp Week 2022 first day of issue cancellation (on the MS stamp!) and cachet in front. Here is the cover.

The daily cancellations are put on the back as it is more for the indication that the cover has passed the Stamp Weekend in the PJ Community Library where the cover was sold and the event was held!

The real Stamp Week will begin tomorrow in the rest of the country (12 December 2022) and on 13 December 2022 for Selangor. Enjoy the copping!


To borrow the Youtubers phrase: Like, Subscribe and Comment.

See you all in the next Stamp Fair 2023!











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