10 August 2022: Next Issue Men’s Headgear

The next issue will be released on 10 August 2022 with the subject of Men’s Headgear.

The issue will comprise of 2 x 70 sen and 2 x 80 sen with an additional miniature sheet of RM 5.00.

  1. 70 sen x 2 designs: Tanjak (Malay) and Tempok (Orang Asli)
  2. 80 sen x 2 designs: Siga (Sabah) and Lavung Tepo / Dok (Sarawak)
  3. RM 5.00 Miniature Sheet: Ketapu (Sarawak)
  4. RM 6.00 Empty Folder featuring also the Dastar / Turban (Sikh)
  5.  50 sen empty envelope

Price List:


The designs are really attractive and the Miniature Sheet has a Spot UV print that might attract the special effect (unusual) collectors.

Concordant locations:

  1. Kampung Melayu Subang
  2. UIA Gombak
  3. Sarawak
  4. Sabah



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