04 August 2022: 2 more Overprints from MAHA 2022

Pos Malaysia is making an online pre-order for the MAHA 2022 exhibition commemorative covers and Overprint MS set! This time there are 2 Overprint Miniature Sheets from the Durian and Edible Flowers series!

Here are the mock-ups of the commemorative covers:

How to buy them?

  1. Do not go to MAHA … there are no Overprints yet….
  2. You can order online at: https://www.pos.com.my/maha-2022-overprint-set-bunga-boleh-dimakan-raja-buah-di-malaysia-durian-miniature-sheet.html

However the online order is for a full set of 2 Overprint MS and 2 Commemorative Covers at RM 21.00. They will only be delivered from 01 September 2022 onwards.

I think that the return of the Overprints is a bit of an excitement!







4 thoughts on “04 August 2022: 2 more Overprints from MAHA 2022

  1. Thanks for the update. Always great to read your email.
    I tried to place the order but the shipping is a whopping 203RM for international.

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks for reading. RM 203 … how many sets is that for? If two full sets International Registered should work out to about USD 15 to Europe without bank or Paypal’s 15% surcharge.

      Perhaps it is EMS (courier)?


      1. The shipping rate is automatically included when you enter address. I have sent email to POS and awaiting their reply. Thank you for getting back

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