Reminder: Redeem Your NFT Stamp!

Pos Malaysia will stop processing the redemption of the NFT stamps!!! Reminder to redeem. The closing date was 31 October 2022. Pos Malaysia is still processing this week, thus remember to submit your redemption!

How to do it?

  1. Video tutorial 1 for MetaMask and Pentas IO:
  2. Video tutorial 2 to Link Pentas IO to MetaMask and Import NFT to your Wallet:

If you are interested have spares of:

  1. Concordant first day of sale covers
  2. Autographed empty folders
  3. Postcard (mint)
  4. Postcard (first day of sale postmark)

Malaysia’s First “14” NFT Personalised Stamps for Malaysia Day Collaboration with APOM! (A Piece of Malaysia) Designers

Sorry, no spare NFT stamps on my side!

Some interesting facts as at the time of writing this article:

  1. Kuala Lumpur is leading with 84 owners
  2. Johor is at 80
  3. Sabah is 3rd with 78
  4. Penang lost the initial steam to 73

The rarest is:

  1. Pahang with only 23 owners… imagine if Pos Malaysia stops the redemption… Pahang will have the least in circulation!
  2. Perlis is next at 24
  3. Kelantan is third rarest at 26!

But hold on… are these stamp collectors or NFT collectors or both???

  1. Stamp collectors go for the rarest issued…
  2. NFT collectors go for the most sought after art work!
  3. Now… what happens when you combine as a NFT stamp??? Do you go for the most sought after or the least in the market?

Next major question… what happens to the unredeemed NFTs?????? This will determine the future value of investment!

Who are the investors?

  1. A collector (d6E7) with a minimum of 6 full sets in hand!
  2. Same collector (d6E7) collected 12 Johor NFT stamps! Must be a fan of Johor… Johorean?
  3. Interestingly… d6E7 holds at least 7 NFTs of other states except Perlis with only 6 thus a maximum of 6 complete sets in hand!
  4. Others on average collected 1 full set of NFT stamps.
  5. Sawarak attracted the most collectors with multiple ownership (from 7 to a number of 2s including me)!

Your thoughts especially which one will have more demand in the future?



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