14 December 2021: Latest Updated Tentative Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule

Here is the latest update. I am taking things off until next year. Anyone free to do concordant FDC for the 100 Years of Malaysia Cup, just message me. It has been a on-off for so long that I need a break from everything. I will continue to give important updates so that you do not miss out. If you have any info, do message me at sky52200myfdc@gmail.com

So anyone able to go to Kelana Jaya to cop? Message me lah. Buy from you. Please NO POSTED FDCs, I want clean FDCs. The best is if you can cop KL on one stamp and Kelana Jaya on another stamp. There are only 2 stamps: RM 1.90 x 2. This is the information stated in the latest SODA statement for the National Literary Heritage which also has a nice surprise of a Setenant Strip FDC for SODA holders!

Thank you for the support through this year.

See you all next year and happy holidays!