Look out for a Mel Rakyat in support of the “Keluarga Malaysia” aspirations for World Post Day 2021

Pos Malaysia provided a Press Release today on a Mel Rakyat coming out in conjunction with World Post Day. The 2021 Mel Rakyat is essentially a 2020 Mel Rakyat with an additional overprint “Selamat Menyambut Hari Pos Sedunia 2021 / Happy World Post Day 2021” on the top left corner of the “domestic aerogramme”. and additional text on the back.

Here is the extract:

“In conjunction with World Post Day 2021 and in tandem with the government’s aspirations of the Keluarga Malaysia (Malaysian Family), Pos Malaysia is encouraging all Malaysians to stay in touch and is sending every household a free ‘letter’ to mail to a loved one.

Starting on the 07 October 2021, more than 6 million postage-paid letters will begin arriving at every residential address across the country.

Pos Malaysia Group CEO Charles Brewer said, “We know how tough the last 20 months have been for many, and how difficult it has been for people to see each other and stay in touch.”

“Meaningful connection is vital for our emotional health, sense of community and overall well-being. We want to encourage you to write to your friends, families and loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you. Pos Malaysia wants everyone to stay safe and stay in touch with the people that matters to them”.

Launch of this special Mel Rakyat campaign under the theme, ‘Honouring Our Past, Connecting Our Future’ is aimed to help all Malaysians re-connect with their friends, families and loved ones.

The campaign, which kicks off today until 31st October 2021, celebrates Pos Malaysia’s rich and more than 200 year history, which also reaffirms Pos Malaysia’s core purpose; to connect all Malaysians.

World Post Day, which is usually observed on the 9th of October annually, marks the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in 1874. This special day is celebrated by postal services across the world, celebrating the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union, which started in 1874. The UPU was the start of the global communications revolution, introducing the ability to write a letter to others all over the world.

“As well as saying thank you to all Malaysians for their continued support to Pos Malaysia, we also want to thank the more than 20,000 Pos Malaysia employees who continue to do amazing things – they deliver the smile in the last mile each and every day”, said Charles.

Malaysians can send the Mel Rakyat with their penned message, doodle or sweet note to anyone and anywhere within Malaysia by dropping it into any one of the Pos Malaysia red post boxes or pass it to one of their friendly neighbourhood postmen. No stamps are required.

We want to deliver smiles and encourage everyone to share your story, your photos, your videos of you sending and / or receiving your Mel Rakyat by using #TerusBerhubung #KeepingYouConnected #pos4you #PosMalaysia #WPD2021 #KeluargaMalaysia #StrongerTogether. You may also tag Pos Malaysia on Facebook (facebook.com/PosMalaysiaBerhad), Instagram (instagram.com/pos4you) and / or Twitter (twitter.com/pos4you). “

It seems that the method is similar to last year’s Mel Rakyat. I am anxiously waiting for my Mel Rakyat to arrive on my mailbox. It will be wonderful to match the upcoming World Post Day stamps for full concordancy!

Keep a look out!