A New Mel Rakyat

Welcome back to myfdc in 2020!

There was a bit of a surprise this morning as I received news of a new Mel Rakyat design! I want to record my appreciation to KK Khor for highlighting a new Mel Rakyat design. The Mel Rakyat is sold at 30 sen.

The design is based on the World Post Day 2018 Miniature Sheet design: https://myfdc.me/2018/10/09/world-post-day-2018-philatelic-tour/

Here is the unfolded Mel Rakyat:

Here is the folded Mel Rakyat:

Note: The first Mel Rakyat (a domestic aerogramme) was launched back in 22 April 2010 and was only sold on 26 April 2010. References:



Before the Mel Rakyat was launched, the earlier version was called Domail launched on 08 February 1994.

I need your help for further information:

  1. Have you seen the latest Mel Rakyat design in your location?
  2. If yes, when was the earliest date of sale that you are aware of?

Many thanks for keeping the Philatelic Community updated!




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