Updated 09 November 2018: 12 November 2018 Malaysian Lifestyles Series 2 (Stamp Week 2018)

Updated 09 November 2018


The next issue will be the Stamp Week 2018 issue with the topic Malaysian Lifestyles Series 2. The following are the products:

  1. Stamps: 60 sen x 5 designs (Kite Flying, Playing Musical Instrument, Fishing, Stamp Collecting, Inventing)
  2. Postcard (it was stated as Postal Card): RM 5 for a set of 5
  3. Empty folder: RM 6

As usual there will be 7 daily cancellations plus a cachet.

A host of activities are lined up:

12 November 2018: Launch of Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Setemku Folder set and Postal Card set

15 November 2018: Commemorative Cover issue – Malaysia Achievement in 18th Asian Games

17 November 2018: Postcrossing Meet-up in the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office Headquarters (09:00 am – 12:30 pm at Level 3, Dewan Sri Pos)

I will update as the information becomes available.

Updated 09 November 2018:

Today’s Media Preview was a 3 in 1. The Media Preview was attended by…

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