Updated: 2018 New Definitives

The new counter sheets of 100 stamps definitives started to make an appearance. It started with 60 sen, followed by 80 sen and then 30 sen and 40 sen. Recently the RM 1 was released. Here is what I have so far with the old series on the left and the new versions on the right.

Have you come across and new ones or those that I have a gap (old series last reprint number)?

Happy hunting and do share what you have found.

Updated 30 October 2018:

Here is the latest on the Definitives:

  1. Federal Territory Garden Flowers Definitives: 20 sen, 30 sen, 40 sen and 50 sen
  2. National Orchids Definitives: 60 sen, 80 sen and RM 1.