Approaching a Million Views!

Well, the million views milestone is going to happen today! Yes! Finally!myfdc close to 1000000

I started myfdc after a mutual concordanist friend urgent me to start cataloguing the concordant FDCs as a reference point. The site became live on 07 August 2012. That was 9 years ago! However, photo taking and cataloguing was done about 6 months earlier in order to be able to launch a decent site.

Over the years, additional sections were added:

  1. Commemorative and Souvenir Covers
  2. Exhibition Covers
  3. Flight Covers (dormant now due to pandemic travel restrictions)
  4. Definitive Reprints from the new Federal Territory Garden Flowers series onwards
  5. Articles on specialised topics (feel free to suggest a new write up)
  6. Errors, Amendments and Unissued (out of scope are varieties)
  7. Malaysia First Day Cover Market Guidance

Information is checked against various sources to try and establish what can be construed as factual. Where there has been new evidence to warrant an update, it is done after the facts are verified. As such, there has been a lot of friends, contacts and even strangers supporting with information on what they found.

The hardest to update were Definitive Reprints and “when did it first appear?”, this section required a large number of readers who helped to send in photos when they found the latest reprint. It is very much appreciated.

As such, the site will continue to be self funded since it is really the contribution of various parties that made it relevant. I welcome new information:

I have also tried to continue to add tags for thematic collectors. There is a particular Birds philatelic site that continually check on myfdc to get the photos and information. Even a Wikipedia page writer took the Pre-Malaysia information and publish as its own without acknowledgement as the date information is only uniquely compiled in myfdc.

If you have any further ideas for improvement, just drop me a message.

As in previous countdowns, I will keep it simple for the first fun activity and will come up with others along the way. Look out for my really low bid offers soon to raise more funds to pay for this year’s site renewal fees.

First Fun activity:

Here is what I will do: I will mail out a unique concordant FDC of the next stamp issue (if I can, i.e. no travel restrictions, not busy with work, etc.). If not, I will send the issue after next. If you happen to be an overseas reader, well…. I will mail to you AFTER the international mail (NOT courier) reopens.

Rather than having you trying to click the site every time to get to the nearest to 1,000,000 contest! I will do a random number generator fun activity! So here are the steps:

  1. This is open for anyone ANYWHERE in the world.
  2. Put a number in sequence in the Comment below (fresher before typing).
  3. First person, put 1, followed by the second person 2, and third person 3… and so on. Please refresh page (reminder) before putting your number as there might be duplicates.
  4. One person can put one number.
  5. Multiple entry by the same person will be disqualified.
  6. In case there is a person who cannot count and put the same numbers (perhaps both were typing at the same time…. refresh first (another reminder)!!!), the first person who put the number will be valid.
  7. If a number is skipped by a mathematically challenged person, just continue with the next number.
  8. Continue the number sequence.
  9. DO NOT reply to a number, I will not go in and search which comes first, I will take the number that I can read as is.
  10. On 31 August 2021 (National Day), when I am free, I will run a random number generator and pick a lucky number. What time? When I am free, so anytime.
  11. I will contact the lucky pick to get your address. Please do not put your address in your comment. Just a number.
  12. If you do not respond, I will contact the second person and so on.

No need to chase me, it is a giveaway, so let’s make it fun.

Oooo, yes, where to put down your number? Put a number below this page and NOT on myfdc Malaysia Facebook nor anywhere else.

Many thanks for reading myfdc!

Look out for more fun activities.



74 thoughts on “Approaching a Million Views!

  1. Reblogged this on myfdc and commented:

    Happy National Day to the Malaysian Readers! Today will be the random draw. You are still able to put in your queue number in the ORIGINAL post. I will do the random draw at about 3:30 pm Malaysian time. All the best and thank you for your participation!

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