Next Issue: King of Fruits in Malaysia – Durian

The next issue is the long postponed issue on the King of Fruits in Malaysia – Durian! Even though the images have been circulating on social media for quite sometime, the poster was released late tonight. Yes tomorrow (19 August 2021), we can pick up fresh durians!

This issue will comprise of the following products:

  1. Setenant strip of 60 sen x 4
  2.  RM 5 Miniature Sheet
  3.  RM 6 empty folder
  4.  50 sen blank envelope

The Miniature Sheet will again have a special die cut and will have a 3D effect of the durians being served with spot UV printing!

What durians are on the plate?

  1.  60 sen: Durian Dalit
  2.  60 sen: Durian Kampung Premium
  3.  60 sen: Durian Buluh Bawah D 160 (Kaki Buluh / Tekka / Chuk Keok)
  4.  60 sen: Durian Duri Hitam D 200 (Black Thorn / Ochii)
  5.  RM 5 Miniature Sheet: Durian Raja Kunyit D 197 (Musang King)

Concordant locations are:

  1. Durian Buluh Bawah: Sungai Buloh, Kaki Bukit and Banting
  2. Durian Duri Hitam: Air Itam (Penang) or any other Post Office with Hitam and Sungai Bakap
  3. Durian Kampung Premium: Any Post Office with “Kampung”
  4. Durian Dalit: Anywhere in Sabah
  5. Durian Raja Kunyit: Gua Musang, Tanah Merah and any Post Office with “Raja”
  6. Cancellations that can match all: Durian Tunggal and Simpang Durian
  7. Other famous durian towns: Segamat and Raub

Trivia: Did you know that Durian Buluh Bawah is also known as Musang Queen???



4 thoughts on “Next Issue: King of Fruits in Malaysia – Durian

  1. i am interested in the Durian stamps Collection can u send them to me.My address is landmeter 61 1566MP Assendelft Holland.

    My email is My phone is +31 615650666.

    Tell me is it please send 3 pieces for me as i had 3 daughters.Thank You.

    1. My apologies for the delay in reply. At present there is no international mail in Malaysia. There is only the expensive courier option which is not economical to send stamps. Keep a look out when the International Mail is opened again. I will inform in myfdc. Thank you for reading.


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