19 August 2021: Durian Hunting

The day is finally here! Durian (end)season is back! The durian hunt started at the Philatelic Bureau Headquarters with the regular collectors picking up the fruits. The turnout was almost the same with 6 regulars on the opening bell.

Here are the first few for the freshest picks of the morning!

The good practice of having ready-made FDC sets continued! This really helped to enable us to get out from the post office sooner. Should continue this practice.

I tried to grapple with making a composite FDC. It did not work out well. So…. back to 2 covers. Cost saving effort did not work.

I have not gone on a durian hunt in a long time. Since we are unable to explore other states, the hunt can only be done within the local area. Well, here are some good spots.

Great place for Raja Kunyit.

Awesome place for Kampung Durians.

Best place for Musang Queen.

Yup! Everyone knows about Musang King but do you know about Musang Queen?

Check out this video that came out about noon time: https://fb.watch/7tRsOUbCqp/

How was your durian hunt in your location?

What do you think about the design especially the MS?



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