Approaching a Million Views!

Happy National Day to the Malaysian Readers! Today will be the random draw. You are still able to put in your queue number in the ORIGINAL post. I will do the random draw at about 3:30 pm Malaysian time today (31 August 2021).

For instructions, please read the original post below.

All the best and thank you for your participation!


Well, the million views milestone is going to happen today! Yes! Finally!myfdc close to 1000000

I started myfdc after a mutual concordanist friend urgent me to start cataloguing the concordant FDCs as a reference point. The site became live on 07 August 2012. That was 9 years ago! However, photo taking and cataloguing was done about 6 months earlier in order to be able to launch a decent site.

Over the years, additional sections were added:

  1. Commemorative and Souvenir Covers
  2. Exhibition Covers
  3. Flight Covers (dormant now due to pandemic travel restrictions)
  4. Definitive Reprints from the new Federal Territory Garden Flowers series onwards
  5. Articles on specialised topics (feel free to suggest a new write up)
  6. Errors, Amendments and Unissued (out of scope are varieties)
  7. Malaysia First Day Cover Market Guidance

Information is checked against various sources to try and establish what can be construed as factual. Where there has been new evidence to warrant…

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