2020/01 70 sen National Orchids Definitive Reprint

I would like to thank Mr Gary for sharing his findings today. Apparently 2020/01 70 sen Orchids Definitive is out! It was found around the post office at Jalan Puchong.

Recall that back in 22 February 2020, Mr GK Ng found the 2019/2 70 Sen Orchids Definitive Reprint. Unfortunately the right margin has been removed by the post office which is a common practice to fit their stock book size.

Thus it is a surprise that 2019/1 has not made an appearance and the reprint has moved to 2020/1. Has anyone seen 2019/1 70 sen Orchids Definitive? This will be in interesting hunt and possibly the shortest issuance of 2019 reprint!

On my side, no postman in sight……. just Pos Laju for my Nescafe online order delivery.