New Orchid Blooms Spotted for 60 sen and a first look at 70 sen!

I was very excited when the hot days and intermittent rains bring more blooms….this time an unexpected 70 sen!

Mr GK Ng, first found these new blooms in KLCC Post Office. The new reprints are:

60 sen – 2020/1

70 sen – 2019/2

The bid question is, where is 70 sen 2019//1?

The expedition is on for more Orchids!

I want to thank Mr Ng for highlighting this. I hope other readers will help step forth with interesting finds in and around the country’s post offices.

The next item to look out is the release of Track on 8 domestic registration labels. I heard they are already out but has yet to be brought to the counter! So….. who will find it first and send it out first as the earliest usage?



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