2020 January Reprints for 20 sen and 30 sen Garden Flowers Federal Territory Definitives

As the rains return after a scorching hot January, flowers began to bloom again. This time garden flowers from the Federal Territory.

Apparently the bloom started in the south! KH Chung reported on the 20 sen 2019/2 and 30 sen 2019/1 reprints appearing down in Johor.

A quick check in the Kuala Lumpur GPO, there were stocks of 20 sen 2019/2 but no 30 sen 2019/1.

Here is my question…. as the reprints come out, did anyone coordinate the change to the new Definitive?

Recap: https://myfdc.me/2018/11/26/next-issue-04-december-2018-state-definitive-wild-orchids/

Seen any newer reprint? Email me at sky52200myfdc@gmail.com