50 sen Reprint without a Reprint Marking

My thanks to Mr KK Khor from Ipoh for the latest finding today! The 50 sen Federal Territory Garden Flowers reprint without a reprint marking made an appearance!

It seems that the Garden Flowers series has continued the reprints without markings. We have seen:

20 sen: https://myfdc.me/2020/06/02/20-sen-reprint-without-a-reprint-marking/

30 sen: https://myfdc.me/2020/05/22/a-30-sen-reprint-without-a-reprint-marking-and-a-2020-2-80-sen-reprint/

and now 50 sen!

Will this continue with 10 sen and 40 sen? I think it is already a trend for Garden Flowers!

If you see 10 sen and 40 sen, do drop me a note.

Thank you all for sharing.