18 June 2020: Turtle Power! We are Back!

After a hiatus of roughly 3 months, it was a cautious and happy return to the Philatelic Bureau HQ in Kuala Lumpur. Here is the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office:

The queue was light and appropriately distanced as the collectors wait for the opening. 

The queue was orderly when the doors opened earlier slightly after 08:00 am. This is a good move as the earlier opening allowed us to sit comfortably inside.

The Caring Counter waiting area was well laid out and comfortable. Arrows on the floor points to the one way direction of travel.

The regular counters were organised for a maximum of 6 persons at a time.

On exit are the desks to stick stamps and cancel them at the far end. This time, Pos Malaysia staff do not allow the collectors to cancel their own covers for hygiene reasons. 

We were handed order forms. These are very useful and saved a lot of time. Well, you still get some last minute change of mind and a few friends trying to cramp their order into your piece of paper as they do not want to queue. 

And here we are…….. the start start of the day and another philatelic adventure!


The designer’s autograph area was also similarly arranged with social distancing.

The designer, Mr KY Lim, was on hand from 09:30 am to 12:30 noon.

As usual Mr Lim was obliging to autograph to all the collectors.

I must say the Standard Operating Procedures for the return of philately was well thought through. The lines were orderly and the control of posters were excellent. No one managed to corner the posters.

It was time for me to restart the Philatelic Tour. First stop, to catch a Giant!

In order to enter, there was a staff monitoring the entry with thermometer scans, QR code for the same application used in the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office and of course a limit on the number of persons inside the Post Office. Even though the place is Small but the Giant service was excellent! I did not clam up.

Next stop was a very wet drive to find some turtles! Now a difficult decision, left or right?

If you have read my earlier article, you might have managed to match the concordant locations!

Here is the answer. One of the largest Hawksbill Turtle Sanctuary in Malaysia.

Unfortunately the place was still closed to visitors. Maybe, someday.

Next stop, to match the Sousa chinensis or Chinese White Dolphin / Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin.

Even though this post office is small, the public was extremely compliant, coming in within the stipulate number of persons and patiently recording their details and temperature.

The last stop was to meet the Southern Expert at a place mentioned in the brochure! I hope you read brochures! 

The temperature checks, recording and hand sanitisers were a norm.

It was time for part 2 of the adventure! Looking for sea cows.

It was time to return in heavy rain with a happy ending for part 1. There are 4 more parts to go!

Hope your adventure was smooth today!

My conclusion: All the Pos Malaysia Post Offices had very good screening processes before entry and a  very high level of compliance. This helps to enhance the customer’s confidence.

Welcome back to the official philatelic programme! 








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