To 5000 and beyond

Here’s a small celebration for the site views reaching 5000 (soon). If you are the 5000th viewer, I will send you a gift.

Here’s how it works:

1. If you scroll down you will see the page view counter (VISITORS).

2. If you are the 5000th viewer, take a screen shot and email the image to with your postal address (“physical address” not the email address) and I will post something nice to you. Oh, I do need your name (but the name will not be published).

3. You should then make a post on the page that you were viewing.

4. However, if you missed the 5000th by refreshing or suddenly clicked to 5001, sorry no prizes.

It is that simple!

Thank you for reading and hope you can help contribute ideas and information on malaysian philately (in particular first day covers)!



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