Updated 19 August 2013: Tri-Nation 3rd Stamp Exhibition – did you spot the errors? and more visuals

Here is the poster for the upcoming Tri-Nation 3rd Stamp Exhibition. The date of issue is 23 August 2013. The participating countries are: Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand (Tri-Nation countries) and Indonesia.

Tri-Nation Poster If you are keen to pick up a set (or even the Thailand and Singapore sets – if any), just drop me a note as usual. Updated 08 August 2013 Advanced order price Local payments via bank transfer. International payments via PayPal. All payments are to be cleared before the date of issue for your order to be processed. Payments after the date will not be eligible for the pricing below. MALAYSIA 1. Malaysia Tri-Nation FDC set Tri Nation Stamps on FDC Tri Nation MS on FDC Local customer: RM 9.00 http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/Pre-order-Tri-Nation-3rd-Stamp-Exhibition-2-FDC-Malaysia-Singapore-Thailand-/360720262412?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_207&hash=item53fc9a650c International customers: USD 3.50 http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/Pre-order-Tri-Nation-3rd-Stamp-Exhibition-2-FDC-Malaysia-Singapore-Thailand-/360720271594?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item53fc9a88ea 2. Set of stamps (Mint) These are the visuals of the full sheets. Tri Nation 90 Sen Sheet Tri Nation RM 2 Sheet My selling price per set of stamps (one stamp from each sheet NOT both the whole sheet!): Local customers: RM 4.00 International customers: USD 1.50 3. Miniature Sheet (Mint) Tri Nation Miniature Sheet Local customers: RM 4.00 International customers: USD 1.50 All shipping via Registered Post. Local is a flat rate of RM 3.50 up to 3 FDC. Full sheets of stamps flat rate is RM 4.00. Overseas is approximately USD 6.50. I will advise based on the quantity ordered. THAILAND / SINGAPORE I do not have the confirmed details of Thailand and Singapore stamps. Here is a guide: Selling price = actual cost of the Thailand/Singapore cover plus one Malaysia stamp on the cover + RM 3.00 service fee Ships together with the Malaysia sets. For Thailand and Singapore issues, you only need to confirm the order with a refundable deposit via bank transfer in case the country concerned do not issue anything on that day. This is open to only local customers. International customers, I will list on eBay.com or you can also check on the issue date. So here is a little guess…could Singapore Post be bringing the Singapore 2015 World Stamp Exhibition Series 2 stamps and miniature sheets to Tri-Nation? The date of issue is the same. Here are some visuals from Singapore Post: Singapore 2015 Series 2 stamps Singapore 2015 Series 2 MS Singapore 2015 Series 2 Imperf Meanwhile, Thailand Post do not have anything listed in their stamp programme yet. Updated 12 August 2013: Did you spot the error in the Pos Malaysia posters and banners? The date was wrongly printed as 25 August 2013. It should be 23 August 2013! I managed to take a photo of the early version of the poster (above)! Today all the banners and posters have been pasted over with a sticker with the correct date! Corrected Poster Perhaps there should be better checks on posters, banners, brochures, stamps, miniature sheets, etc. Apparently there will not be any daily cancels. The SODA members will get the same product as those sold on the exhibition site, so no hurry. If you are a SODA member, you will get the items.

Updated 19 August 2013:

Here is the exhibition poster by Pos Malaysia. Hope to see you there!

Exhibition Poster Tri Nation Malaysia 2013

Exhibition Poster Tri Nation Malaysia 2013 2

Here is another error:

The flag of Thailand on the folder looks reversed. The blue line should be red and the red line should be blue. Anyone who is an expert on this area, care to share your knowledge with us?

This was reported by mnshy; webmaster of New Stamps of the World.

Tri Nation Folder