Updated 01 February 2015: Farm Animals (Year of the Goat)

The next issue has been moved to 16 February 2015! Only 2 days before Lunar New Year’s eve! I guess many collectors would have gone back to their home towns. The die hard few and dealers will be there to pick up a very expensive set!

How expensive?

Stamps are 60 sen, 80 sen and RM 1.20. Seems like a standard now. Perhaps Pos Malaysia should consider lower value such as 20 sen and 30 sen which is in high demand for daily use.

Miniature Sheets at RM 3.00 and RM 15.00. Nope, it is not a typo, it is really RM 15.00! Apparently ARCH is making wooden piece of goat for the MS. It will be thin and valid for postage. Goat luck to my pocket money!

Meanwhile for FDC collectors, there will NOT be a RM 15.00 MS nor RM 15.00 MS FDC! There will be a mail order form for the RM 15.00 MS but no FDCs. So prepare for the MS FDC. I guess if the RM 15.00 MS is inside the SODA, most of the account will not have sufficient fund.

So hang in there and let’s see how this goes. Have a Goat Year ahead! I just love the sound of it.

Updated 31 January 2015:

Here is the poster (thanks to a reader!):

Farm Animals Poster

01 February 2015:

I was asked a few times about the most concordant cancellation for this issue. I am not able to find anything remotely connected via ladang or names of the animals. The closest match will be “Desa” as in “Desa Pandan” in Kuala Lumpur and “Kem Desa Pahlawan” in Kelantan. Between these 2, I will choose “Desa Pandan” due to distance.

Any thoughts from you on the best cancellation?

Important note: The RM 15.00 MS will only be issued in GPO KL and via SODA order form. In this instance, the RM 15.00 MS on FDC will not be available.


ps: I do not want to scare you with the Panda issue price. It might cause a Pandamonium! Tell you next time.


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